Family Time

This past weekend, my brother and sister-in-law came to visit. I did not take as many pictures as I should’ve, but I took a few and thought I would share!

They arrived EARLY on Saturday morning (3:00 am early), so we all slept in late on Saturday. After we woke up and sat around and hung out a little bit, we broke out the board games!

DSCN8428 I know this is not the best picture, but it shows Moose being a blurry goofball and Daniel and Kelly and our little game! After we played a couple of games and had some lunch, Daniel and Theo began acting suspicious and told us we need to get ready to go out. Kelly and I were drilling them with questions: “What should we wear?” “What shoes do we need to wear?” “Are we going to be outside?” “Do we need to do our hair?” Daniel and Theo were giving us very confusing answers, “Look nice, but don’t worry about it.” “It doesn’t matter what shoes” “You won’t be outside.” Theo also had a very suspicious backpack that he carried everywhere (last time he did that it was because there was a very expensive ring in it =) ! ) They loaded us into the car and Kelly and I were SO confused. We had no clue where we were going or what was going on.


After about 20 minutes in the car…Theo took some turns just to confuse us, Daniel turns around and tells us we need to take off all our nail polish. He hands us some nail polish remover and cotton balls and said “it all needs to come off.”



At that point I guessed that we were going to get a manicure, and Kelly and I started to get more and more excited. Then, we stopped at Wal-mart and Daniel and Theo proceeded to walk very quickly around the store. At this point, Kelly and I were confused, but thought that they were just trying to kill time. They also dropped the hint that we were getting our nails done at Wal-mart…which would have been fine…but we would have been a little disappointed with all the hype if that had been the case (just being honest!) Finally, Theo and Daniel lead us into the ladies underclothing section…which really made us VERY curious and CONFUSED. Like, what the heck are we doing here? Then, Theo asks an associate if they have any bathrobes. BATHROBES? WHAT IN THE WORLD? So, they bought a bathrobe. Now, we were really confused. I mean, REALLY confused. We hop back in the car and keep driving, finally pulling up to a spa.

Now it all made sense! We were treated to a massage, a facial, a foot scrub and a hand treatment. Our men dropped us off and went and burnt a couch. I’m not kidding….that is actually what they did!

at the spa!

at the spa!



I didn’t actually take any pictures of the “procedures” due to the fact that I was lying on my back or my belly in a very dimly lit room with nothing on my mind except how wonderful my husband is and how great a professional massage feels!


The two ladies that worked there were so sweet and took this picture for us. This was the hand treatment. We rubbed lotion on our hands, then dipped them into hot water. As soon as we took our hands out, the lotion solidified into a waxy substance. They then put plastic bags and these mitts over our hands and waited about 15 minutes. When the took them off, our hands were soooo soft. It reminded me so much of doing “lully”, or henna…when we would put the plastic bags and then socks on our hands and feet!

After the spa day, the boys took us out to my favorite Thai restaurant.

We made sure to get in a couple games of Ticket to Ride…


And celebrated Daniel’s 24th birthday with homemade pizza and cake with very green icing…resulting in green mouths! =)


Uncle Duane and Aunt Natalie joined the party

Uncle Duane and Aunt Natalie joined the party

and Moose, of course

and Moose, of course



We had a fantastic weekend together, and after they left today the house felt so empty. One more reason for my graduation to come sooner…I get to see my family again!



One thought on “Family Time

  1. looks too fun. and you played ticket to ride? that is far and away our favorite game to play.

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