Day 18: Drink

I’m going a little bit backwards here, but I wanted to post my picture from Day 18. My favorite drink in the world is….water. Yep, if I had to choose one drink for the rest of my life it would most certainly be water. However, if I had to choose one drink besides the obvious (water) it would be chai tea. Mmmmmm I do practically live off this stuff…1 or 2 mugs a day. Usually, I have a cup in the morning and one at night before bedtime.

Theo and I have tried to do couple’s devotions every night. Now, we have failed doing it on a daily basis, but we do it several times a week. I enjoy listening to Theo read while I drink my tea.


*** The devotional that we use is called Night Light and was given to us as a wedding gift. It is very simple daily devotionals for couples, including a thoughtful insight into marriage and several questions that we can discuss. Sometimes these questions lead to hours of discussion, sometimes they are rather cheesy and we giggle a little bit about them before closing the book five minutes later…haha.


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