Something I Hate to Do

Honestly, the picture for today is perfect for how I feel today.

I hate coming back to school after a long weekend that ended too soon, with kids who also can’t seem to get back into the mode.

I hate that scratchy sore throat that is a sure sign of an impending cold

I hate the senior meeting that leaves me feeling so overwhelmed.

I hate it when profs or other “leaders” say “You WILL fail if _____________” and suddenly I’m pretty sure I am going to fail student teaching…even though I love teaching.

I hate the FREEZING snow and blowing wind.

But most of all, I hate coming home to an empty house and trying to focus on getting this edTPA work done when that is the last thing I want to do.


And you know what? I think it’s ok to hate all those things and to post them on my blog. I don’t feel like I have to now include a long list of why I am thankful. In some ways, just writing down all these things causes me to get them out of my system, so I can focus on the better things of this life.

What do you hate?


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