I have a bunch of random things to post tonight.

1. Ok, I have a confession. The batteries in my camera died and until we get a paycheck in, I can’t really afford any more! So, please forgive all the past pictures taken from the photobooth on my laptop. Hey…at least I am still taking pictures, right??

2. Did anybody join me on the letter-a-day challenge? I am working on letter #20 today…which means I am one day behind, but I am loving this challenge!

3. Why in heaven’s name is the date STILL off on the blog? I am posting this on February 21, but when it posts it says it is February 22. Is that something I need to change on my account or is the server just somewhere overseas where it is already the 22???

4. Day 20- Handwriting. Theo and I have eerily similar handwriting. Here is a picture of a sticky note that I wrote on (green) and one that he wrote on (yellow). Aren’t they similar?


5. I just went on pinterest for a “break”, which usually turns into at least 35 minutes of wasting time. However, this time I went on and within five minutes I was distracted in the world of lesson planning…and enjoying it! WHAT? when does that ever happen??? But I am so glad that it did!

6. The photo for today is supposed to be a favorite photo of me. I am not entirely sure how to TAKE a picture of a favorite picture of me, but I will at least post one! This is my favorite picture of me:


6. I heard a rumor in the teachers lounge today…we have a two hour delay tomorrow. I think that may be why I am so motivated to get stuff done right now. For some reason being super excited about something just makes me want to get stuff done. We shall see if that rumor is actually true. At this point, I really don’t have enough voice to teach all day. I am croaking and cracking and squeeking every time I speak, so much that the kids at school today were giggling when I was reading a book out loud to them. Haha. I would have giggled, too!

7. Theo is at work until 10:15 tonight…poops. But at least he comes home for the night and I don’t have to be all alone all night long!

8. Yesterday I was observed while teaching, and I guess it didn’t meet the expectations. I was told that I am not very creative and that I need to start doing a better job. Yeah, you bet I cried. I was SO discouraged yesterday and listening to all those lies. Today I got to school and thought to myself, “Bull! I am a good teacher and I am becoming better everyday. I am not the best there is, but I am doing my student teaching. I know that I am doing my best and God knows, that is all I need to worry about.” And it got me through the day. Woohoo for self-given pep talks!

9. Today at school a student yelled at me…like full-out yelled how much he hates me and this school and doesn’t want to do anything I ask him to. For once, I didn’t take something a student said personally, and my heart just broke for him.

Ok, I guess that is all the random stuff I have for now. Next week is my “big week” with lessons that I need to compile, film and submit, so if you think of it…pray for me. Especially that I will get my voice back by Monday!



2 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. Beth says:

    #8…definitely a hard pill to swallow especially when you feel like you are working overtime and you’re buried in the paperwork of writing lesson plans. I can still remember when I received my first unsatisfactory in an observation as a teacher…it’s a very not nice feeling! But remember it was one day & one lesson and most importantly, you are learning. You aren’t an expert already. I think the biggest thing is to just continue to keep your eyes open watching other teachers, listening and asking advice because the truth is that as a beginning teacher you do have so much to learn. But you are surrounded by huge pool of knowledge and understanding (your fellow teachers) so take advantage of it. I’m proud of you for reminding yourself of the truth and wading back into the fray today! That takes courage! Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  2. Gwen Baker says:

    Firstly, I love your blog…I am never disappointed when I read it, never bored. I am not just saying that to make you feel good. I read a LOT of things in the day, for my work and for myself, and I am quite particular. Honesty, willingness to look in the mirror…those kinds of things get my attention. Secondly, Beth is right on in her comment…And lastly…KEEP WRITING!!

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