Date Night

The other night we read in our devotions about romancing one another. Since we got married, it has been difficult to make the time to date one another. I know that sounds crazy, we wanted to date each other all throughout our lives together, not just the months and years leading up to our marriage. Theo does a great job of romancing me through flowers and his acts of service. He does a great job of making sure the house is clean, dinner is ready and the laundry is done when I have long weeks at school (which is every single stinkin’ week!). So I decided it was high time that I re-paid the favor and made a nice dinner for Theo. I browsed The Dating Divas website for a quick and easy idea, and found The Couple’s Cafe. I simply printed off the menu and the check and then got to work in the kitchen!


ImageImageImageIt was so, so simple to put together…all it took was printing out the menu and then preparing a regular dinner! Moose even got in on the date as you can see =).

The one downside to this was that is was hard to play two roles…waitress and date. I didn’t really get a chance to sit down and enjoy while serving. But besides all that, it was a wonderful evening!!


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