Pet Peeves

I made it to Friday! Everybody praise God with me, because I honestly sure I wasn’t going to make it! I am looking for lesson plan ideas and I am getting really annoyed, so I thought I would share some of my pet peeves with you…let me know if you agree.

1. When you are looking for lesson plans, and you have to pay for that worksheet, that idea or that blog post. I hate this…can’t we all just work together? Now, a lot of schools provide teachers with an account on some websites, making those things free. But student teachers? Nope. Not a chance.

2. Students who are told not to interrupt the video taping that is occurring in the back of the room, but decide that clearly must not apply to them, and come over to the teacher, standing to ask if we have indoor or outdoor recess. Seriously? You just ruined my video to ask that question??? So take two will be next week…

Please pray for those of us who are student teaching this week. Right now it feels like the whole world gets spring break, but we do not. It’s hard to not be bitter and angry towards those who are heading to Florida or heading home for a week of rest. Our break comes later in the semester, but it’s easy to get short and grumpy and bitter about not getting a break when we all feel like we have hit a wall.


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