Sooo…I’m an elementary teacher and this little thing caught my eye on another blog. I feel like I do these things often, but it really helps me to write when I have ‘prompts’ and when I am feeling absolutely brain-dead on exciting stories or creative thoughts. Trust me, spring break can not come fast enough. I have 3 more weeks (one is a 4-day week) and I’m trying so hard to not die inside every time I hear of someone else’s spring break or the fact that the edTPA is actually due before my break. So…in some ways those three weeks seem a million miles away, and in other ways…they are going to go by way to fast.

Anyways, back to the ABC’s! Feel free to re-post!

A — available or married?
Married! A little over 9 months and loving it!

B — book?
I’m currently reading The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges. An excellent read, and so challenging in every way. I have to admit that it is challenging for me to read something so through-provoking when all I want to do is NOT think anymore. But I think that is a good discipline to develop…being thoughtful when that is the last thing I want to do.

C — cake or pie?
Cake all the way. My sweet tooth has come a long ways since I was younger, but I still don’t eat many pies.

D — drink of choice?
A hot mug of chai. Or water.

E — essential item?
My phone. It is never far from me. Although I do have a reputation for missing important calls haha!

F — favorite color?
Blue, blue, blue! Almost any shade, any type!

G — game to watch or play?
If we are talking sports, Soccer all the way. If we are talking card or board games Dutch Blitz and Ticket to Ride are the current favorites!

H — hometown?
Tera, Niger. West Africa.

I — indulgence?

J — job?
Student in over my head with a “full-time” teaching job (aka student teaching)

K — kids and their names?
No kiddos yet! But we do have names picked out already for a couple haha!

L — life is incomplete without?
God. Of course if we are going with a “human” answer to that question, it would have to be my wonderful husband, Theo

M — music group or singer?
Downhere, country music, worship songs. It really depends on the mood and the circumstances. I usually have my Pandora playing on a mix of all those. Makes for some weird song sequences, but it gives me variety =)

N — number of siblings?
Just one brother biologically! But then this past summer happened, and I now have 6 brothers (in law) and 4 sisters (in law)!

O — oranges or apples?
Oranges. Let me tell you why… I hurt my jaw this past summer and it hasn’t gotten over it yet. So I can’t bite into apples without a lot of pain. Sooooo I just stick with oranges.

P — phobias/fears?
Hippos. Hippos terrify me. They are huge and mean and FAST.

Q — favorite quote?
A recent verse that I read that was encouraging to me was 2 Corinthians 4. Read it for yourself!

R — reason to smile?
Friday nights at home with Theo and Moose

S — season?
SUMMMERRRRR. All the way. 100%. It’s the African in me.

T — tattoos?

U — unknown fact about me?
I can read a book and sing (a familiar song) at the same time.

V — vegetable you love?
Green beans…fresh ones.

W — worst habit?
Negativity. And I always forget to brush my teeth in the morning.

X — X-rays you’ve had?
my tummy and chest

Y — your favorite food?
anything pasta or pizza!

Z — zodiac?
ermmm no clueeee!



And here is a picture from my snow day. Halfway through the day I realized that Moose and I matched! Orange and white =)



One thought on “ABC’s

  1. Gwen Baker says:

    The Discipline of Grace ~~excellent ~~phobias~~~monkeys…all the way, ever since and even before my friend got a bad bite from one in Madaoua. Rabies and aids was a concern. The blue monkey or something like that can carry aids, but of course she was fine. When we met at the Niger women’s retreat here at the house, Delinda cracked us all up with that story!! OM goodness, it was so funny. Monkeys are too unpredictable!! Our last year in Niger, we were in the Rendel house and their neighbor had a monkey that got off it’s rope and perched on the balcony railing. It was one of those blue faced ones, with a look of total madness. Oh my, my heart beats faster just thinking about it. But you are spot on regarding hippos. On the water, a big fear!

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