I really, really want to be a regular blogger. Like, Teaching Tuesdays and Pinspiration weekends or something like that. I am still working on taking a picture every day, although the last few days have been so overwhelming that I have to admit that I have forgotten. But I want to show off my favorite finds/pins on pinterest on a more regular basis! Soooo…here we go!!!


and I'm still getting there...

I’m really learning this right now. Like when I mentioned something about Africa and there little faces lit up and their little minds starting turning a million miles an hour and all their hands popped into the air and the fingers were pointing as straight up as possible and the wrists wagged back and forth. And I hesitated. And then I told them to put their hands down because we were running out of time =(  I wish I could rewind and do that one over again! But then yesterday when we were talking about weather and I had a conversation with a little boy that went something like this:

Me: “Some places there is something called a drought. And food has a really hard time growing so people are really, really hungry. Sometimes they are so hungry that they die. It’s really sad, but it happens all over the world.”

A: “Why don’t they just eat plants?”

Me: “Well, the plants don’t grow so there are no plants to eat.”

A: “But they just need to water them.”

Me: “Well, that is the problem, they don’t have any water.”

A: “Well, they just need to get it out of the tap and put it on the plants and then they won’t have a drought anymore!”

I actually loved this conversation, as it gave me a chance to tell him a little bit more about the rest of the world and it gave him a chance to remind me of the innocence and simplicity of a child. He really thought he had solved the whole world’s problems with drought.


Baked Zucchini Sticks

The link for the recipe can be found here. Doesn’t it look absolutely delish??



Hahaha. You know it.


Faded Maxi Skirt

Wow, isn’t this skirt just beautiful??? I love long, flowing skirts like these. I always have. When I was a little girl, it meant that I could still climb trees because I had enough skirt cover all limbs at all times haha! Now I just love them because they look so beautiful and elegant…and of course I love the colors!  (And I actually tried looking everywhere for the original source but it was one weird website after another..sorry)

Home Decor

love this

I just love this. Maybe I’ll be able to put something like this in our new house! =)

Ok, there is my pinspiration for the week!


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