It’s Been a While!

Hello all my faithful blog readers!

It’s been a while since I have posted something of substance on here! It’s been a crazy past two weeks! I plan on putting in a bunch of pictures as well as giving you a few of the highlights and low points:

1. I finished the edTPA!!!!!!

2. 2 sick days meant fighting off sickness, but two days off school

3. Snow days!

4. Finding out we owe $1000 to a place

5. Speeding ticket

6. Grading and writing and teaching lesson plans- some awesome, some a learning experience!

7. Celebrated Theo’s 22 birthday!

8. 24 hour shifts, meaning that Theo is providing what we need to live on!

9. Spring break right around the corner

10. Encouraging conversations with friends, family, pastors, even strangers!

Lets take a look at all the pictures:

 Moose loving the sunshine on our bed. Come quickly, Spring! Let’s be real, we are all tired of winter here in Ohio!!!


Spending time with Theo and the family at their new property



Submitting the edTPA once and for all!!!!


Celebrating Theo’s birthday with a couple of small celebrations here and there…




Grading papers…the Friday night life of a teacher! Image

My messy house and empty fridge. It is difficult to maintain both of those with such a busy schedule. I admire anyone who maintains a full time job and their house/eating habits. I can hardly do it, and I don’t even have kids!!!!! I’m so impressed with all the Mamma’s out there!


(I have no idea why those two pictures are sideways—and I’m too lazy to try and figure it out! )

There is a couple of highlights from the past weeks. I am SO glad to be done with the edTPA and now all I have is lesson planning and teaching (hmmm…student teaching…seems like that is all I should have). Plus, spring break is right around the corner! I’ll try to keep you all updated! =)




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