Pinteresting Finds of the Week!


Really this one applies PERFECTLY right now. The snow is falling outside and I’m thinking to myself… “Please snow alllll night and all tomorrow morning….because that means I get a day off!” But then I’m ready for it to melt and get VERY warm outside.

Please Snow I'm A Teacher


I saw this and I couldn’t help but laugh. When I worked at camp, we had weekly sessions. The campers would arrive on Wednesday and leave on Monday morning.  Campers would arrive from all over PA and would travel anywhere from 20 minutes to 5 hours. This means that while the dining hall was somewhat open, there was no way to logistically manage to feed everyone who would be arriving in random intervals throughout the day. Instead, all campers and staff got bag lunches. With uncrustables. I HATED uncrustables! So when I saw this, it brought back memories…actually really great memories. One time I even managed to get a tuna sandwhich instead of an uncrustable.

#DIY Frozen #Uncrustables


Sometimes I’m teaching phonics and I say something along these lines:

“You always changes the y to i before adding a suffix (happy, beauty, fancy, envy). Unless it is the words study, hurry, relay, pray……”

its true


I’ve got the itch. I’ve lived in Ohio for four years now. Traveled here and there throughout my time, but I’ve got the itch more now than I have in the past four years. I want to move. Don’t worry, this is not an announcement, it’s a very common MK problem. I love this shirt. The original source is Which is actually a super cool site!

once was lost // africa shirt {ladies} $25.  50% of all proceeds will go to  affiliate families for adoption expenses.     For every $25 you spend you will also being feeding a hungry child for a week.

Home Decor

Are you kidding me…I LOVE this! Theo and I have been looking for a world map to hang up in our house. For some reason we just have not been able to settle for any ol map. We really want to cover this map with colored pins…places we have been, places our guests have been. Places we really want to go. Ahhh…there goes that wanderlust in me again! I found this on pinterest (obviously), but the original was found here. I can’t believe she MADE this!

DIY Wooden World Map Art | The Happier Homemaker


This is a great activity to help your students review multiplying and dividing fractions.  Students work in groups to solve problems in order to fi...

This week I made some homemade play-dough and we made play-dough fractions with it! My Mom gave me a recipe for play-dough, so I made four batches (took about 30 minutes) and that was more than enough for 20 kids. I gave each student a big chunk and plastic spoon (we could’ve used knives…but my teacher said that parents might get mad if they find out their child was using a knife….SHEESH A PLASTIC KNIFE! Now you know what I deal with…). We used the handle of the spoon to make marks in the playdough. I would say a shape (circle, square or rectangle) and they would make the shape. Then I would write a fraction on the board (1/4, 1/5, 2/3, etc) and they would divide and mark their play-dough into the correct fraction. It was a BLAST. I also did centers on Friday and had this as one center. I used two different “decks” of flashcards. On one deck I put a shape and on the other I put a fraction. One student would draw a card from each deck and the whole group would have to make their play-dough into that fraction. Then the next student would draw, etc, etc. (One little warning- when using home-made play-dough it will be ridiculously salty and the kiddos hands will dry out if they don’t wash them soon after working with the play-dough).

What have you found interesting on pinterest lately?


2 thoughts on “Pinteresting Finds of the Week!

  1. Beth B. says:

    That world map thing is cool. I bet you could paint on some cork and then you would easily be able to pin and repin.

  2. Love the play-dough/fraction idea! (did your supervising teacher happen to come in during THAT lesson?!)

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