Big Stuff

No, I’m not pregnant. Stop thinking that. When I am, though…I will have to come up with some clever title for the blog post that makes you the least suspecting…and then BAM! spring it on you!

Anyways…not pregnant.

But I did this today:



What, took a picture of a box, you may ask?

This is, in fact, a picture of the first box I packed for our first move as a married couple. That’s right, folks…we are moving! We are only moving about 20 minutes away, but it is still a move. The way things just happened to work out in this past week mean that we are moving by the end of this month! That means I am moving before I even graduate! Things are getting crazy up in here! We originally thought we would move the end of May, not before the first of May…

We are actually SUPER excited. Maybe it’s that MK in me. That feeling that I get when I pack a box and I cannot wait to UNPACK and put that object/dress/pen holder in a brand new place and feel all organized all over again. Maybe it’s the thrill of having a new home…the adventurous side of pulling up my rootless self and placing it somewhere else. Plus, this move means a little less financial strain, a LOT closer to everything (church, Taekwondo, my job— oh, yeah, did I mention that I got a job for the summer????), and more space, plus a backyard!

Can you tell how excited I am??? Now this just means I need to get all the packing done in the next three weeks!

Boy, am I glad that I am not pregnant! (at this moment in time…)


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