Pinteresting! (Part 3)

I’m on break, so I have spent plenty of time on Pinterest this week! Here are some of my favorite finds!

I don’t know who in the world has time to dip marshmallows, but they sure are pretty!

Originally from idlewife.

Have you ever been in Charming Charlie? I will admit, the first time I went in one I was totally overwhelmed and had no idea where to look. Now, I’m in love with the store…although I haven’t actually bought anything there…yet =). For those of you who have never been in one, they have jewelry and accessories…and they organize them by color. This necklace is actually from somewhere else (it’s one of those pinterest links that leads to nowhere…), but it really reminds me of something that could be found in Charming Charlie.

I’m teaching a geometry unit next…

Anyone got any good ideas???

If I ever have time to scrapbook and make cards this will come in really handy! I think I will start saving toilet paper rolls and have this out in our new house =)

It was originally from

Here are some words to ponder:

(again…a pinterest find that leads to no link)

And look at this awesome idea!

I think it would be super cool to do! If something exciting happens to someone far away, I could send them this little party in a box! =) This is from eighteen 25.


And there is some of my pinterest inspiration for the week!

My break is winding down…wayyyyy toooo quickly! But I guess the sooner I get back to school the sooner I get finished with school! I’m enjoying my last official day of freedom by writing lesson plans, cleaning, baking, doing laundry, going for a run and reading. Hey, it works for me.



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