I honestly don’t know what to write on here right now! I know that I need to keep my faithful readers updated, but my life is currently chaos!

My Mom arrived about a week ago, and has been such a tremendous help in getting things wrapped up! I arrived home from school one evening to find dinner prepared and being pulled out of the oven..I almost died of happiness. I forgot what it was like to come home hungry and not have to whip up something to satisfy my appetite! So wonderful!

We are moving tomorrow, and that has been rather insane as well. Packing, hauling, packing, packing, packing! Now we move over and do it all backwards! Unpacking, hauling, unpacking! I will post pictures of our move when I get around to finding the camera…and the cord…and the time. Haha.

I have just two days of school left and they are going by both insanely fast and insanely slow. I just want to be done..I want a few days to have coffee dates with people, say the goodbyes that need to be said, share the memories that need to be shared, but going to school for 10 hours each day makes that a little bit difficult. On the other hand, this has been an incredible experience, one that has certainly changed me as a person in many ways. I have invested several months and many, many hours into these kids and I will miss them when I go!

I signed up to run a half-marathon with my best friend and her sister. I am beyond excited for this. I have several months to train and then it will be running time! I was going to sign up for a marathon…but do you want to know the one thing that stopped me? The flippin cost. It seems like if I am willing to run 26.2 miles, you should pay me. I honestly can’t afford to run a marathon right now. If you are reading this, and know of some cheaper (less than $100) marathons, please fill me in! I want to sign up and get motivated!

Graduation is in just 4 days…I am SO excited, yet it has come so quickly. Theo and I splurged and bought me a $30 dress to wear…haha, yes, that is 30. I am EXCITED!!! Plus, my whole family and some will be in town for the event, and I am think I might be just as excited to see all of my family than to actually graduate!

Of course, the end of the year comes with a million parties, wedding showers, meetings and get-togethers…but at least those are all fun, social, enjoyable things to be doing with my time! =)


So there you have it…a very brief update on how crazy insane life is right now.



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