On Saturday, May 4th, I finally graduated from Cedarville University. It has been a long four years to get to this place. Looking back, I cannot believe that it has been four years. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was graduating from high school and heading to the continent of America. It seems like just yesterday that I met my friends. It seems like just yesterday that I had no idea who a handsome man named Theo was. It also seems like it has been forever. All the papers written, all the projects completed, the finals taken, the lesson plans written (and taught!), the friends made, the memories created, the husband found! God has been nothing but faithful to me these past four years, and I know that I am the most blessed person in the world. I don’t deserve anything that I have, yet God has chosen to pour his blessings out onto me and my family.

I don’t know what life holds for us in the future. I know that a year ago I had NO IDEA I would be where I am now. I know that the “real world” gets tougher and tougher, but I also feel like Theo and I have had a chance to experience some of these “hard things” just from being married and one of us working full time. I am excited to see where God leads us and what will come next!

For now, here are a bunch of pictures from graduation!

P.S. Sorry these pictures are GINORMOUS. I am having some problems with wordpress not letting me upload pictures so I had to resort to the copy/paste method. =/


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