I love “summer” break. But it’s so different when I am an “adult”. All my previous summer breaks were spent reading, eating, hanging out and sleeping. Now I know that I need to get up earlier, get some unpacking/cleaning done before it gets too late, manage my schedule so that lunch and dinner can be on the table at a decent hour and be responsible for bills, mail, laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning of the house.

Yet, somehow, I LOVE this. It is like what I was made to do. I know that it will be much different when children come along, but I have never felt more comfortable or in “my place” then setting up our house and making it into a home.

Theo and I are going backpacking this weekend, and I am over the moon excited. For my graduation, Theo bought me a nice hiking pack and today we went shopping for food to take along with us. I will do a post or two about how we prepared, what to take, and after we get back, what I learned. I expect to have a blast. We are going to a park that has a loops, so the whole loop is 23 miles, but we can cut across the loop and quit sooner than that if it gets too difficult. Life is such an adventure, and I am loving it.

I have also been spending my time training for another half-marathon. After this one, it is a marathon for me! I am saving up some of the money given to me for graduation to sign up for one. In the meantime, I am developing an exercise and meal plan that will help me get in tip-top shape to run both the half and a full. I will also be posting about that soon!

I have one last thing that I want to start on my month off. I am a blog follower. I look for blogs from pinterest or other friends I know, then I go back in the archives to their first blog post. I will sit and read almost every post until I feel like I know the person. Holy cow, that sounds creepy. Anyways, after I have fully stalked their blog, I will start to follow it, and read each update that they put up. Three of my favorites are The Macs (this one had my crying the whole way through the archives!), Little Baby Garvin, and Baby Making Machine. No, I’m not pregnant…there is no coincidence that those are all “baby blogs”. I guess I just love reading about mothers and motherhood!

Over at Baby Making Machine, she has started a 30-post challenge, writing about what her kids would love to know about her when they get older. Well, in all my ::free:: time, I think I might just do the same. Do you want to join me? I know, it’s another one of “those things”. But this time I promise I am going to stick with it. Also, notice that I did not say 30-day posts? No way am I going to post one of those things every day. I will do my best to get through the 30 posts in an appropriate amount of time…like maybe by the end of the summer! =)

So keep your eyes peeled for the first rendition of 30 posts by Suzanne!

P.S. If you are blog stalker like I described above, here are a few more blogs that you should check out:

She Who Delights

Bring the Rain

Undressed Skeleton

A Moment Cherished

Hannatu’s Happenings


One thought on “Life.

  1. Hey, Suz, I recently set up a page that lets me know when ever blogs I follow are updated. I can help you set one up….it helps a lot and saves time going all over checking to see if the people you are creeping on (LOL) have updated. Actually, if people don’t want you to read their blogs, they shouldn’t put them up.

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