My Relationship with My Spouse

Welcome to installment number 3 of the 30-post challenge! This was originally created as a ‘journal’ to give to future children, chronicling 30 important things they might want to know about me.

Phew…where do I begin with this one? I feel like I could write and write and write about the different parts of my relationship with Theo. Instead, I will try to sum it up in five main points. (Sidenote: I love points. I am a list person, and a note person. I love when a sermon has points. It makes it so much easier for my brain to follow along. Hence, when I write…I often create points or lists =) )

1. We are six days shy of our one year anniversary. I cannot even describe to you how this one year has unfolded. A year ago, I had NO.CLUE. we would be where we are now. And I look forward to the years ahead and wonder at the adventures that God has in store. There is no way that I can know where we will be in a year, or five years, or ten years, or fifty years. A year ago when I said ‘I do’, I meant it with my whole heart and I wouldn’t change my mind for anything. This year has been one of the best years of my life, although it has contained many challenges. I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man, and look forward to the MANY years to come.

2. Theo is so much ‘give’ and so little ‘take. My husband is such a servant. He does so much for me, and it delights him. I am always amazed by his selflessness and how he serves me throughout every day. He demands so little, but this in itself makes it so worth serving him day in and day out.

3. Our unique gifts and talents really compliment each other. Although, sometimes they frustrate each other, too! Theo is a time-giver. I am a time-saver. Theo is a money-saver. I am a money-giver/spender for other people. It works out well, although we have come to several disagreements over how much time/money the spouse is giving to other people. Day after day, I am so amazed at how God wove our gifts and talents together. We both love kids, and truly hope to use that in a daily setting working side by side (dorm parents, parents, teaching…). We both love to be around people and build deep relationships with people.

4. Our dreams and goals are big, and God continues to lead us on. When I first met Theo, the first thing that we had in common was Africa. In fact, that was one of the only things we had in common at the very beginning. We soon found that we had the same values, goals, convictions and dreams. The dream of ministering in a different country. The dream of working with kids. The dream of adopting. The dream of living intentionally, frugally and simply. As I mentioned before, we are not currently where we thought we would be at this time. But we are continuing to follow the Lord where He leads, and we know that He has great plans for us!

5. He makes me laugh. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Laughter is not missing from our home. Never, ever. We agreed to make sure that we laugh at least once a day. Even during student teaching, when we hardly ever saw each other (and that is not an exaggeration), we would sometimes lay in bed at night and realize that we hadn’t laughed together yet that day. So someone would tell or joke, or we would just giggle into our pillows until it turned into real laughter. (side note: don’t text cha-cha for a joke. It gets inappropriate immediately. Not funny at all.)

Check back later this week for #4!


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