If I Had Three Wishes

Hmmm….wishing is tough. I wouldn’t want to wish away something that is good for me, yet at the same time I walk around on a daily basis thinking of things that I wish I could change. Here are my top three wishes. After I post this, I’ll probably change my mind, so maybe I shouldn’t call these my top three wishes, just three wishes on my “wish list”

1. I have always wanted to go into a Hallmark store and buy one of each card. Then, I would spend the next several months/years sending out each Hallmark card to different people. So, I wish for one of each Hallmark card in the store.

2. God and Peace in Niger.

3. Money, of course. Mostly in the form of my student loans being paid off

What would YOU wish for?


This is installment #6 of the 30 post challenge.


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