One Year

Yesterday, Theo and I celebrated one year of marriage. Holy cow. We seem so young, and wild, and…free. Yet it seems like we have been married for YEARS! Haha! I can’t wait to get to 60 years and look back on these times.

We went to church in the morning, then drove to pick up my “new” car. Once we got home, we sat down and ate a slice of our wedding cake =). It was actually not too bad tasting! We have some leftovers, too…if anybody wants cake that is now 366 days old! After eating our dessert first, we quickly packed a picnic lunch and headed a beautiful park in Dayton. There was a Memorial Day fair, as well as many historical buildings in the park to tour. The weather was perfect and the day was wonderful! (I have a lot of pictures…but they are on the camera…which is with Theo at work….so you will have to check back tomorrow for another post with pictures!)

I can’t lie and say that this past year has been easy. To be honest, this past year has been the loneliest year of my life (and probably Theo’s, too). It’s not that Theo is not a good companion, because he is the absolute best. It’s that we are stuck at an in-between. Getting married so young made it hard…not because we are immature and not able to handle it, but because we are stuck in the middle. Our college friends didn’t seem to know what to do with us, now that we were “all grown up and married”. And the “grown-up, married” people still viewed us as too young to be in their group. This has been tough for us, let me tell you! We continue to pray about this exact situation and discuss with one another what we could have done better and what we could do for others in this same position (I have the feeling we are not alone!).

Marriage is a deep joy, a wonderful pleasure, an adventure, a life with a companion. I could not be happier with the life that we have.

A year ago, when I stood in front of many people and said my vows, I had NO idea where I would be today. Theo being an EMT and a firefighter? Not even in the picture. Living in this beautiful house? Not even a thought. Working at a daycare? Not in my wildest dreams. With that in mind, I look towards next year. The Lord is the only one who knows what will happen today, let alone tomorrow, let alone next May. I know right now that I have no clue where Theo and I will be then. So I’m waiting for God to BLOW.MY.MIND with His goodness, grace, mercy and compassion.

How great our God is! Happy 1st Anniversary, Theo!


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