As Promised (Pictures!)

Here are some pictures that I took on our lovely day to Carrilon park. It wasn’t fancy, it was FREE and it was SO much fun…just the way we like it! =)

Can’t believe this was one year ago…crazy times.

Ready to eat our cake!


Yum yum! Moose even got some!


Picnic in the park….

The park was actually a historical museum, and this was in the one-room schoolhouse. Teaching in a place like that has ALWAYS been a dream of mine!

Huge clock tower.



They had lots of buildings about the history of bikes, trains, cars, boats and all types of transportation!

This bike had a radio in it. How cool is that?

They had a room that was all about the printing press. They showed us how everything worked. They also had a spot where you could pick out your name and they would press it onto a little postcard! Pretty neat!

We joined up with a family from church, and the young daughter wanted to take some pictures for me. I’m pretty sure that the remainder of the pictures on here are from a 5 year olds perspective. Although I told her at one point, “Hey, you are pretty good at that!” and then she kept repeating “Oh, I’m pretty good! That’s pretty good!” after every picture she took =) LOVE. IT.


This guy shot a musket all afternoon for people to watch.

It was a wonderful first anniversary!


2 thoughts on “As Promised (Pictures!)

  1. Beth B. says:

    And what did Moose think of your wedding cake? Love it! 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

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