#8 of the 30-post challenge is here!

What are five of your passions?

It seems like I could write and write and write and write about each of these things.

1. Kids

2. Africa, particularly the country of Niger.

3. Cooking, baking, anything that involves making a mess in the kitchen. Too bad I don’t have a passion for cleaning it all up, too!

4. Deep relationships. Those relationships that can pick up right where they were left off. Those relationships that sometimes bring tears, always bring laughter and usually make me feel like growing closer to Christ. I refer to these as ‘deep relationships’, because it is different from having ‘friends’. These are the types of relationships that keep me going through the hard times and the kind that keep encourage me and rejoice with me in the wonderful times.

5. Adoption/Orphan care. This in a passion that I am still in the ‘research’ stage. I have spent time with orphans, and whenever orphans or adoptions come up in a conversation, I am all ears. However, I also know that there are so many delicate things in this area, that I do not want to barge into life thinking that I am going to ‘save’ or ‘help’ all orphans or adopt for their greater good. Adoption is one of those things that we cannot fathom until we have actually done it. And I eventually want to adopt..but for now, I am learning more about this passion.

What are your top five passions?


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