Social media.

It’s a gift. And a curse.

Theo says I’m addicted to facebook. I say I’m social…with people from all around the world. You see, when I graduated from high school we scattered in a million directions, literally all over the world. I’ve moved more times in my life than I can even count, and each time I have left behind friends. Not only have I moved more times than I can count, but most of my friends have also moved more times than they can count. All this moving means that there are many friends I haven’t seen in years and years and years and years. If it wasn’t for social media, I would not have a clue what is going on in their life, and I wouldn’t be keeping up with them as I am today.

I am a blogger, and I love to follow blogs (of people I know, and a few choice blogs of people that I don’t actually know). This is all made possible through social media.

Let’s get real about the curses, though. One thing that has become significantly frustrating to me is the way that social media becomes a mask. On social media, I can present myself with my best foot forward. I can post pictures of that awesome bread recipe I made. Or the half marathon that I ran. Or the flowers that the handsome husband gave me. All my accomplishments.

And I can hide the failures.

I can always hide them. No one has to know. No one has to know that I didn’t make my bed. No has to know that the laundry hasn’t been done in a week. No one has to know that I snapped at my nephew and got annoyed at all his (innocent) questions. No one has to know about the three failed batches of bread in the compost before I achieved that perfect loaf of bread (the one that I posted a picture of and got 10 comments praising me). No one has to know about the fact that it took me MONTHS to get off the couch before I ran the first time. No one has to know about the tears and the yelling that finally concluded in whispered apologies and then the flowers that decorate the table.

Sometimes social media seems to lead to competition. Who has the most perfecter life? Who has the most accomplishments, the most perfect instragram picture, the fastest running time? Or let’s take the hashtag #nofilter. Using this hashtag means that the picture or post hasn’t be edited…it is real.

However, using this just ups the bragging rights about the post or picture. For example, “I took this picture of the sunset #nofilter”. In other words…good luck getting a better picture than I took.

Seeing those posts, those pictures, those accomplishments…it makes me feel like I am not good enough. So what do I do? I hide behind my posts, my pictures, my accomplishments.

What if we got real? What if I updated my status on facebook about my greatest failure today? What if I took a picture everyday of something that I didn’t accomplish? What if I was real?


P.S. Join me? Take a picture of something that you failed at each day for a week. Maybe don’t post it. Just have it. Let it humble you. Let it draw you closer to the God that leads you to any accomplishment you have reached. Maybe after a week or so, you will be willing to post some of those pictures on social media. Please tell me that someone else out there is real.


2 thoughts on “#nofilter

  1. Levanah says:

    Your comment about social media moved me =so= much!

    I have found, over a long (@.@!) time of trying so hard to keep it all together (or at least to =look= like i am), that i am always happier when i can put myself out there warts-&-all, this-is-me, waddaya-gonna-do-i’m just-human…and much more likely to make real & deep connections when i do.
    Oh, i still automatically cobble together a fairly oh-i’m-fine presentation when i’m around any but a small handful of my closest people – but i’m learning to let people know that i’ve got stuff going on that they can’t necessarily see. And one thing i really like about social media is that there’s enough distance (no one sitting opposite you looking at you) that i can put a bit more of the “messy” me out there.
    And the best part is, the folks you really want in your life are the ones who =want= to know the whole of you & won’t – directly or subtly – use it against you. They’ll be glad you’re such an honest person that they can be real with you, too! …and voila! real friendships can blossom and grow, with no need for fear & competition at all!

    I’ll be remembering you & wishing you =very= well on your journey!

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, Levanah. I appreciate so much your honesty. I think that honesty is something really important in friendships, or any relationship. Sometimes honesty hurts SO. BAD. but it is so worth it in the end.

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