Well, That’s Embarrasing…


Honestly, I have a lot of embarrassing moments. They aren’t usually something socially awkward that I have said, but things that have happened to me. Like losing articles of clothing. Honestly, no matter how I tell this story, it probably won’t be funny. It will probably make you turn red, and maybe giggle a little bit inside and thank the Lord that it didn’t happen to you. But, I will try to make it humorous…and be as honest as possible! I guess you could consider this a #nofilter post…. =)

This is post #10 in my 30-post challenge!

So I was a young’un and I had on this beautiful dress that my Mom had made for me. It was blue and had little butterflies all over it. I loved it, and I was wearing it to church. After church, my dorm family had a treat, and this treat was ice cream. After eating our bowls full of ice cream, my friend came up to me and rubbed my belly. Unfortunately, as she rubbed, the velcro straps holding the dress up fell down…along with the dress. It felt like it was down for an hour, but I really bet it was only a couple of seconds. And in my mind, it felt like everyone in the world could see, but I am pretty sure that only my friend and one other person in the room saw. Whoops.

I think I stopped wearing the pretty blue dress with butterflies on it after that! =) Haha!

Oh…another embarrassing moment was when I was on our senior trip. We were all in the ocean and the waves were pretty rough. We would have to dive down under the wave so it didn’t toss us all around like we were in a washing machine. Well, we (about 8 people in our senior class) missed this one wave and did get tossed around like we were all in a washing machine. While down in the water holding my breath, somebody’s head appeared in between my legs. I honestly have no clue who it was, and I don’t want to know. We all came up to the surface after the wave passed and gave a “don’t ask, don’t tell…that was an adventure and it’s over now” look to each other! Haha!

I really suppose it could have been worse…


2 thoughts on “Well, That’s Embarrasing…

  1. Tam says:

    My mom and I both got a really good laugh about the “washing machine” wave… I had completely forgotten about it! My mom said with a laugh, “That is terrible!”

  2. Kara Rupnow says:

    I get called mom at about one per week by my first graders. 🙂

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