Just a Typical Day…

Post #12 in this 30 post challenge is to describe a typical day in my life. Looking back at my life, I don’t know if I have ever had a ‘typical’ day. It seems like every day has been incredibly different. Right now, the routine that I try to follow looks a little bit like this…

6 am: wake up, shower, devotions and breakfast

7 am: Kiss Theo and Moose goodbye, head out the door for work (yes I do kiss Moose. Don’t judge)

7:30– collect my kiddos and take them to the classroom. For the next six hours I get to teach five, six and seven year olds. We play, we make crafts, we sing, we enjoy the outdoors, we explore and we sometimes even get to go on field trips! This is only my second day of working, and I absolutely love the morning shift, and working summers, and not having a cooperating teacher. The kids are fresh in the morning and aren’t tired and bent out of shape. I can create my own structure and do as much “teaching” or “playing” as I want.

Keeping myself, and especially my lesson plans and meal plans organized

A typical day at the center….

2:00 pm- arrive back home from work. Kiss Moose. Check social media. Then complete my chore(s) for the day. I’ll also work on a blog post, writing a letter or note to someone, and work on any projects I may have around the house (I’m making a wedding gift for someone at the moment). I also will waste a lot of time on Facebook (#nofilter), Pinterest and blogs. Somewhere in there I will also work on lesson plans for the upcoming weeks of the summer. Laying out in the backyard with a book is also a big possibility. Running errands and grocery shopping also happens in the afternoon. Going for a run has to happen as Theo and I just signed up for the Air Force Marathon (more on that later)!

5:30ish- start making dinner, finish it around 7ish (sometimes earlier). It depends on what/where Theo is working for the day, but he usually gets home at this time and we can spend some time together, either making dinner, eating dinner, watching a show or just simply talking

This handy dandy calendar is how I know what chore to do for the day. Sweep, clean the bathrooms, laundry, dust, vacuum. I also write down things that need to get done, like going to the library or to the bank. On the bottom section is my workout schedule, and in the middle section is the people I pray for on each of those days and a verse to memorize for the week (ahem…it’s been more like a year, really).

7:00-10:00- More chores, dinner clean-up, show watching, Theo hanging and finishing up lesson planning. The evenings really are ‘lazy town’ at our place, and that is the way that I like it!

10:30- hit the sack. I know…it’s insane how early I have to go to bed. But with waking up at 6 for work, and working with kids all day, I have to go to bed early!

I LOOOOVE summer time and I am so content with the schedule that I have now. Waking up early and sacrificing late nights is sometimes difficult, but it feels good to be responsible both for making a little money and taking care of our home.

And now I’m off to make some bread, read a good book in the sunshiney backyard, sweep and mop my floors (’cause I didn’t do it yesterday) and get some dinner started!


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