“The One”

Honestly, I don’t know if I believe in the “the one”. I think that i believe in the idea of it- that there is one person for me, but I don’t think I believe in our cultures idea of “try every person until you find the one”. Sometimes this ‘trying to find the one’ turns into dating, living with, marrying and then discarding that person who didn’t feel like the one.

We honestly set ourselves up for failure before we even jump into marriage. Marriage is hard. You, my readers, know how much I love my husband and love being married to him. But let me say it again… marriage is hard.

All that being said, I do remember exactly when I knew I was going to marry Theo. It wasn’t a moment, but actually a summer. We started dating in April, and were going to spend the whole summer apart. I was going to be working at a camp, and he was going to be at home doing odd jobs for the summer. However, my camp needed some guy counselors so I threw Theo’s name out there. It worked out (rather quickly and suddenly, actually), that Theo would also work at camp. Working at camp was a lot of hard work, but so worth it. Theo and I were working in different “villages”, so we worked with different age group, and hardly ever saw each other. I would be walking to the pool with my campers, and Theo would be walking from the pool with his campers. It seems crazy that I would fall in love and ‘know’ that Theo was the one for me just from watching him with a group of campers. But watching him with campers showed me how much I could trust him, the fact that the cared so much for those boys, his patience, his creativity and the way the boys absolutely loved him.

There is something really important about “falling in love” in a group setting. It allowed me to see so many more/different sides to Theo, and to fall for him even more because of this.



One thought on ““The One”

  1. I agree Suazanne, people aren’t cars, you can’t test-drive them until you’re sure! Good post :]

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