Well, folks….Theo and I signed up for our first marathon. I signed up to run a half marathon in November, and that was all I was planning on doing for this year. But Theo and I really would like to have some kiddos sometime in the near future. However, I would like to run a marathon first. I know that it is possible to run a marathon after having kids- but I know that before kids is the prime time, both physically and mentally. That being said, I realized that we should do it sooner rather than later. So, ladies and gentlemen…we are signed up for the Air Force Marathon on September 21st. It’s in 100 days! The cool thing about this marathon is that it is a military run, but over 70% of the runners are civilians. It is also super cool because it starts two miles from our house, and from what I can tell of the maps, goes within a mile of our house. It will be nice not having to drive an insane distance super early in the morning just to run 26.2 miles! And yes…please come cheer us on if you want! This is a big deal for both of us, and we would love your support!

I have began training fairly regularly, although there is no such thing as regular around here. Theo and I have both been sick, and I am still trying to figure out how exactly to train for a marathon. It seems kind of lame, but I went on Pinterest and found a running plan…and just decided to stick with it. I will let you know after I finish the marathon if it worked or not =). I doubt that it will hurt.

So far I have only completed one long run, and I did cut it a little bit short because I had a cold. However, I already feel in better shape now than I ever have!

How do I do it? Well, here are some of my secrets…

1. A running buddy. Theo and I don’t often actually run together. He will run when he is off work, and I will run when I am off work. But it is SO. HELPFUL. to ask Theo how far he ran, and how fast. Then…go out and beat him! Haha, just kidding. But, really…it helps so much to have someone who is on this journey with me.

2. Music. I can’t run without it. I don’t know what I am going to do on race day since it says ‘headphones not recommended!’. My ipod got put into my bra too many times and got sweat-logged got wet, so I am using Theo’s ANCIENT one. That thing is HUGE. But it plays music, and that is what I need. I will usually listen to a random mix of things, but included in that mix is all the songs that were on my wedding ‘dance floor hopping’ playlist, Lecrae and his crew, and some of my favorite country songs. Honestly, whatever gets me moving or gets my mind on the lyrics instead of the miles.

3. Mapmyrun This nifty little website helps me track my runs. One time, I tried running with a pedometer, and got back to the house to find that I had run .3 miles. Har har, pedometer. So I went on google maps and tried to figure out how far I had run, but just got extremely frustrated. Then I found map my run. You type in an address, or start point, and then tell it where you ran- and it will tell you far. You can also put in your time, and it will tell you how many minutes/mile you ran. Then, I discovered that it will also log my workouts. I can look back and see how much I have run/walked/biked in the past week. And it is for free!

4. Clothing. Naw, I don’t spend billions of dollars on lululemon (although I secretly wish I could), but it is still important what I wear. I have gone out twice on a run and realized that my shorts were going to bug me to no end…so I turned around and went back to change. I am finding that I need to know my clothes- which ones are comfortable? Which ones soak up sweat? Which ones get honked at a billion times (don’t wear those ever again)? Also…I need a new pair of running shoes. Any recommendations??

What about you? How did you train for your marathon/half marathons? Do you have any advice for my husband and I?


3 thoughts on “Running

  1. Hey Suzanne. Re. Kit I wear sports shirts (not sure how they’re properly called but they’re not cotton). Even when they’re wet in the rain they feel like they’re dry!

    As for running shoes, it’s worth speaking to someone who knows what they’re talking about so that you get shoes suited to the way your feet strike the ground. In the UK you can get a gait analysis at a running shop (this is sometimes free, though I’d feel very rude not buying shoes there then; it’s sometimes £15 or £20, though you get that back if you buy your shoes from that particular shop). If you’re looking to save pennies, you can do your own gait analysis–I found one online running shoe retailer who suggested a way of analysing your gait before buying.

    Re. the training plan, it would be worth adding in one tempo run a week, and the occasional hill session. A tempo run is when you run at a pace where you can’t have a conversation of more than a couple of words at a time, but at a pace you could maintain for at least half an hour (or 15 / 20 mins at the beginning of a plan). This will make it feel easier running a marathon at your chosen pace.

    Feel free to drop me a line!

    • Wow thanks John! Super helpful stuff! I am planning on heading to a running shoes store to get my feet/stride fitted. Then, I might go find the ‘right’ type of shoes somewhere a little bit cheaper. We shall see though! Great advice for the training, too! I will try to add those things to my training! Have you done marathons? I had no idea you were into running! Awesome!

      • I’ve done three marathons (Jerusalem, Loch Ness, and Rome) and planning another one for the autumn! If you have the time, it would be a good idea to join a club (this is something I still need to do!), for encouragement and tips. Though you’re fortunate that you have a husband to encourage and challenge you already :).

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