This Week’s Findings…

I just though I’d let you in on some of this week’s finds on the wonderful world wide web! I will actually be including things that I have found in the past several weeks, so hold on tight to your horses!

1. Netvibes. This website is perfect for all the blog stalkers out there! My Mom showed it to me, and told me that there are several others like it, but I just stuck with the one that she showed me. Basically, you build your page- my page is blogs that I follow. I just have to enter the url of all the blogs that I follow, and it will tell me when that blog has been updated. Of course, I have to check netvibes everyday, but at least I don’t waste my time going to a bunch of different blogs that haven’t been updated in weeks. I have also organized my blogs and things that I follow. I have a section for people that I know, for blogs that I have fallen in love with, but don’t know the author from Adam, a section for news updates, and a section for teacher blogs. It’s a pretty handy-dandy tool!

2. Mapmyrun. I’ve already mentioned this one before, but I love this site. It is especially helpful to me while I am training for a marathon. This site helps me before I run to track a route. For example, while training for a marathon I am following a plan that gives me guidelines on a certain amount of miles that I should be running on that paricular day. Using mapmyrun, I just find a route, then go out and run it. When I get back, I save that route, and put the time that it took me to run it. It will then save it for me. Every week, it sends me a fitness summary and I can always go back and look. So far this month I have logged more than 50 miles of running, and that doesn’t include the biking that I do for cross training (boom!). Love this tool. And it’s free. And I’m sure I’m in the dark ages with things, but I don’t have a smartphone, so I can’t do any of that while running…instead I have to figure out creative ways to plan, track and record my runs. Mapmyrun is the perfect tool for that.

3. This (Avec Duex Mains) post and this (A Holy Experience—warning, this blog plays music =)) post. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

4. This blog. Welcome to the blogging world, sister! LOOOOOVE what she has written so far, and can’t wait to read more. I am one of those people that communicates BEST through writing. I think that Sarah is the same. We didn’t hardly talk to each other the first year or so that we knew each other. And then one day she told me a story about how at my wedding she slept on the couch without a blanket because someone else took her sleeping bag =( And now we are friends. Haha…I know, what a transition, huh? Really, though…this girl is a blessing and I wish I had become friends with her sooner (and not been such a jerk). She puts up with a lot from the Hines family. =)

5. Twitter. Um, yah…I caved. But I don’t really get it. Still trying to figure out if I like it or not. Follow me. But I can’t really tell you how to do that…. hahahaha.

6. A friend posted this on facebook, and I laughed at every single one. Moose to the max. And if you aren’t a cat lover…you just won’t understand. And get off this blog. Just kidding, just kidding.

7. Teachers Pay Teachers. Kind of like it sounds. Teachers make things and then put it on this site. And then other teachers are lesson planning, and think “hmmmmmmm….I wonder if another teacher has already done the work for me.” and they look on this website. And voila! Usually, someone has already done the work. You do need to sign up to access anything, but once you sign up, there is a TON of free stuff. There is also a lot of stuff for very small prices, but I have yet to actually buy anything.

8. Lesson planning on Pinterest. Follow this board to see what I will be doing with my kiddos for the rest of this summer!

9. Do you really think this is true. I found it on Pinterest… it says “Turn an old T-shirt into a halter top using nothing more than a pair of scissors and a piece of chalk.” Hmmmm. I’m gonna go try it!

Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful Monday! Check back later this week for more of my 30-post challenge AND some super fun DIY/easssssyyyyyy recipes that I have found this summer!


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