Today I have for you two recipes.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call them recipes. They are mixes. I’m not a mix person. I absolutely love making my own cookies, breads and cakes by dumping together all my own ingredients. There is something about that cake that seems so much more satisfying. Buuuut, there are two instances when I cheat. And those are the two that I am going to share with you.

Have you ever volunteered to bring cookies to something, but then forgot about it until about 30 minutes beforehand? Well, if you have a cake mix just chilling in the cupboard, here is a solution for that:

Cake Mix Cookies


1 package cake mix

1/4 cup oil

1 t vanilla

2 eggs

1 cup chocolate chips

Cook in 375 oven for 8-10 minutes.


It literally takes about 20 minutes to make the entire batch. It only makes about 24 cookies, but they are so easy, who could really complain?


The other recipe that I am going to share on here is a little bit unusual. When I was visiting a friend, her aunt made it for us, and it was SO. GOOD. Up until then, I hadn’t ever heard of it, but now I love it! It’s beer bread, and I’m sure that there is a recipe out there somehwere, but if you live anywhere near an Aldi, you don’t need a recipe. They have beer bread mixes and the only thing that you need to do……

…is pour a beer in the mix and then bake the bread. I kid you not, this stuff is delicious. It is perfect as a side for dinner, because it is so simple to throw together. I will do that first, then make the main meal, and by the time I finished, the bread is done baking.

(Side note: we don’t drink. Not because we think it’s morally wrong, but because we just aren’t really that interested in it. And beer is most certainly an aquired taste—one I have not acquired! I tried the recipe first with a bottle of beer that Theo found while dumpster diving. Then, I went out and bought a whole six pack- just for this recipe! THAT is how good this bread is! And let me tell you- I have never felt so bad-ass as when I bought my first six pack of beer at 22 years old! hahahahaha!)


3 thoughts on “Easy-Peasy

  1. Bet they made you show your id since they probably thought you are 15. 🙂

  2. Beth B. says:

    Oh my, I am chuckling out loud at that last sentence about being a BA. Too funny. When I was short term here in Niger, someone made pizza dough using a beer. That was the best pizza crust ever!

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