Well, I had an extended weekend. It wasn’t very restful, but it sure was a blast. I have a bunch of pictures to share, so I will do my best to use the minimum amount of words and a maximum amount of pictures!

A year ago, I married Theo and I had all my best friends standing up front with me. This past weekend, I got to return the favor by being a bridesmaid in my friend Joy’s wedding. It was so much fun watching her get married, and I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of it. And just fyi- being a bridesmaid is actually more work than being a bride. At least that is what I found =)

I got out of work on Wednesday, and Theo and I began the 10 hour drive to PA, to stay with my parents for the night. We didn’t arrive until after midnight, and I was not a happy camper about the whole trip. For one thing, it looked like this most of the way:


But, a good night’s sleep and some beautiful weather make all the difference, and Thursday morning I headed off to all the festivities, leaving my husband to fend for himself with my parents =0.


As soon as I got there, we had a wonderful little reunion. Our friend from high school came all the way from Australia for the wedding, and my friend Tam was also there for the wedding. It was wonderful to reconnect again, and it was just like the good old days!


Thursday ended with a fourth of July family dinner at Joy’s place, and a good evening of relaxing with the bride.

Friday began nice and early with a family photo shoot, and a wedding party brunch (instead of a rehearsal dinner). We signed the marriage license, we ate a bunch of food, and we had a lot of fun.

After brunch, we headed to the church to set up for the wedding. The wedding ceremony and reception were held in the same room, and we set the room up for that dual purpose. People sat at their tables for the ceremony. It was so much less work for all of us to only set up one location!

After setting up the church, we rehearsed for the wedding.

After the rehearsal, we forced the bride to have some alone time and got ready for the bachlorette party! It was simple, with dinner out and of course a lingerie shower!

Friday night we had a hair party and got all our hair in curlers. It was a late night and an early morning, but we all managed! =)

I got to wake up next to the bride and yell, “YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!” We look less than excited in this picture, but we really were. To be fair, the flash was REALLY, REALLY bright. And sleeping with curlers in is not comfortable under any circumstances.

Saturday morning involved french toast, lots of coffee, curling irons, bobby pins, make-up brushes, safety pins and HAIRSPRAY.

I started crying as soon as I saw Joy all ready. I don’t know what it was so…so much happiness and joy and pride and love and maybe even a little teensy tiny bit of sadness in there, too. My friend going and getting all hitched on me!

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of wedding, and since I was the bride’s right-hand girl, I didn’t get my camera out too much. Yes, I teared up when she walked down the aisle. And again when she said her vows (which happened to be the same vows as mine).

And that was that, folks! Her handsome groom wisked her away to the honeymoon!

What a beautiful girl! What a beautiful wedding, and what a beautiful marriage that has just begun. I love you, Joy, congratulations!


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