Post #23

Ok, these posts are getting harder and harder to write. I am excited to write a couple of the ones coming up, but my mind is drawing a complete blank for this one:

If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

This week has FLOWN by, even though I have been dragging my butt through every activity I have performed. Coming off an exciting/exhausting weekend (Joy’s wedding) and going into another one of equal proportions (this time a family reunion!), just makes me focus on daydreaming about the past or wishing it was the future. Gah, I need to live in the moment. I’m also sorry I don’t have any pictures to post on this particular post. Maybe I will go browse Pinterest and give you another post with more photos. Or maybe you have given up reading this one by now. I probably would have.

Anyways, back to real reason that I was writing this. Who I would eat dinner with and what I would eat.

Well, what I would eat is easy. If I was cooking. My Mom’s recipe for homemade pizza. If I was ordering from an endless menu, shrimp alfredo. It’s all kinda lame if I could pick anything in the world, but can you really resist this?

or this?

Shrimp. Alfredo. Pasta { soo yummy}

MMMmmmm. Delish.

Now, the question is who would I want to share this dinner with? Let’s face it: I’m gonna cheat. I would set up a big ol’ table. And I would invite my closest friends and family. There is so much fun to be had when they are around. Then, I would invite some significant characters in each of their lives. Maybe Mother Teresa. David Livingstone. A famous actor/actress. Probably a famous musician in there somewhere. Elizabeth Elliot. Not too many people, but enough to get some conversations going.

(On another note, I wanted to invite Jesus. But I just couldn’t. I’m the worse Christian in the world, but the thought of having dinner with Jesus sounds so awkward. Someone so perfect, so human, so challenging, just scares me to death. And just realizing that makes me realize how far I have to go in this relationship with Him.)

And now that I have thought about it a little bit more….with that group this feast could go on for days. So bring on the African food, the Indian food, the hamburgers and hotdogs.

Hmmmm….this is sounding a little bit like heaven.


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