After my last post, and all the feelings that go with it, I have decided to post something a little bit lighter today.

Namely, my pinterest finds.

By next week, when I have my feet back under me from all this traveling and working and being sick, I hope to be able to post some pinterest pictures alongside things from pinterest that I have actually made. Like maybe a recipe. Or a shirt that isn’t a fail. Or something like that.

But for now…I bring you my pinterest top ten finds this week!

1. This week, I was on a field trip with our class. We went mini-golfing, and the place was playing my favorite country music station. But then a song came on, and it’s a really catchy one…but it has the very distinct word ‘NAKED’ in it. The other teacher and I looked at each other with an expression of mixed horror/laughter. Thankfully NONE of the kids caught it, but it was a close call. I pinned this one later that day…


2. Have you ever made your own laundry soap? I’d like to give this recipe a shot.

make your own laundry deturgent

3. Haha. Hahahaha. Hahahaha.

Another "sad, but true!"

4. I absolutely love this giraffe picture for when I have children. We actually don’t plan on buying a crib and having a nursery, but even for a neutral kids room, I absolutely LOVE it. And I know what you are thinking. The answer is NO.

cut-out fabric in shape of animals and attach to painted canvas. LOVE that giraffe picture!

5. I cannot begin to explain how brilliant this idea is. How many times have I held a paper up, claiming that it has no name, only to receive blank looks and denials of belonging. So I throw it in the trash, only to receive blame and tears that I threw out someones paper. Well, sheesh, children. This might solve some of that problem:

No Name Clips

6. Something I have always wanted to do. One day I will.

Explore the Grand Canyon

7. I have a window frame thing that looks just like this, except without the glass and bigger. I am STILL trying to decide how to use it. This gave me some ideas:

Picture Idea

8. This is so Moose. Except add ‘Bonus points for each human you trip in the process’

Funny Pictures � Pure Cat Logic

9. When teaching children, the learning NEVER stops. Imagine trying to master all these things…

What Children Need the Most

10. Usually, I am about 8 months behind whatever is in style. This year, however, I am so jumping right on board with the whole maxi skirt/dress style. They do make me look short, but I just loooove them so much. Here is one of my favorites that I have seen:

Maxi dress

What about you? Have you found anything interesting on pinterest that inspires you lately?


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