Family Reunion ’13

This past weekend, I got a free shirt.

And any time I get a free shirt, it’s for a good reason.

This time it was for a family reunion!

I married into a large family. Theo’s immediate family alone has reached 20 people. It can all be a little overwhelming for me (my family has reached a grand total of 6 people…up two from what it was a year ago!). Now, add Theo’s extended family to that equation, and it makes a big equation.

And a whole lotta fun.

The weekend begins with a pizza dinner and a get-together. Since this reunion only happens every two years, newbies are introduced and updates are made. It’s so amazing to see how two people (Grandma and Grandpa) fell in love, got married, had four daughters and then those daughters had children of their own and now those children are having children of their own. It’s amazing to just sit back and see the goodness of the Lord.

During this time, there is lots of laughs, singing, baby holding and more laughing. Oh, and the bells. Always the bells.

The next day dawns bright and early with a meeting in the park. Wearing our mandatory free shirt. I don’t have a picture of the WHOLE family with me yet, but I do have some of the pictures taken with Grandpa and Grandma.

Here is the whole Hines family. Yes, this is Theo’s immediate family.

Grandpa and Grandma with all their great-grandbabies.

A lot of trying to get organized for pictures…

And hanging out in the golf cart…

The sisters…

Cornhole, volleyball, chatting, holding babies, flying kits and eating were pretty much the rest of the day. We also got in some good board games =)

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend with perfect weather. I was feeling rather down about the passing of our pastor, as well as coming down with a cold, so I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked.

Do you feel overwhelmed with green??? Haha, gotta love those reasons to get free shirts.


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