Words Cannot Express

I can’t think of the words to write to explain how I am feeling at the end of this day.

As many times as I wanted to flippantly write how I felt in my facebook status, I erased it.

My 4th funeral ever. Each one has gotten progressively harder and hit closer to home. A friends Mom, another friends Mom, then my own grandfather, and today a pastor, mentor, leader and friend.

Hundreds of people.

Thousands of silent tears falling down.

Hundreds of tissues used and discarded.

Meaningful words spoken to broken hearts.

Songs sung that only reflected the grace and glory of Jesus.

82 (or more) cars stretched the five or six miles from church to cemetery.

One body was laid to its final earthly resting place while the many onlookers shed tears of sorrow.

Many eyes lifted to heaven, knowing that our hope is not build on the fleeting shadows of this earth, but instead on Christ the solid rock.

Giver of grace. Giver of eternal life.

Pastor Rick will be dearly missed. But anybody who participated in his homegoing party today knows that his life was not wasted. Not for a minute. His hope was built on Christ the rock, and all who know him got to share in a part of that.

While I feel deep sadness and grief, I also feel a deep peace and awe at the God who works all things out for good.


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