Post 24: Popular Notions

Hey hey!

I am on post #24 of this 30 post challenge! That means only 6 more to go after you finish reading this one!

(Completely unrelated: I have had several people ask me how marathon training is going. Wellll….it’s going. Sorta. Training for a marathon is a HUGE time committment, and right now in our life is actually the perfect time. We don’t have kids, we both have steady and reliable jobs/hours and we are both young and healthy. However, it is still a HUGEEEEE time commitment, and we have found that something always seems to get in the way of those needed runs. I have been able to faithfully run my weekly “short” distances of 3-5 miles, but when I go on a “long” run, my brain totally shuts down. My body is fine. My brain says “na-uh. No wayyyyy are we running 14 miles today.” So if you think of that, pray for me as I train mentally for running the marathon. Otherwise, I feel healthier and fitter than I have in YEARS.)

(Also completely unrelated note: Today I got home from work and decided that instead of going on pinterest, I would make some things that I had pinned to pinterest. Right now I am kicking myself for not taking more pictures, but we ate almost everything I made. Like this banana bread. And these zucchini fry thing. And this chicken parmesan dinner. On top of that, I also made Kale chips (deeeliissshhh!!!) and homemade bread. I’m pooped.)

And now, finally…onto post #24: What popular notion do you think that the world has most wrong?

This one was not too hard for me to come up.


Specifically, that material wealth = happiness.

We work so hard, toiling to attention that ultimate goal. And what is that ultimate goal? A full bank account, a full stomach, a maid and a 4 car garage. And then what happens when death reaches our doorstep…because it does reach all doorsteps, whether rich or poor. I have seen everyone do this. Christian or non-Christian, American, European or African. Myself included.

But I have also seen those with the simplest things overflowing with abundant joy.

A woman who has no running water and therefore must carry the buckets…1, 2, 3, 4, 5 buckets on her head..miles in the sun. Yet she is laughing and greeting her neighbors and truly happy.

A child playing with a corn husk, a rag wrapped tightly around the husk. To the child this corn husk is a precious doll. And they are happy with it.

No, poverty is not always a good thing. But there is this saying in Songhai: “He who has more rags has more lice.” Basically, he who has more stuff has more problems.

This popular notion also shows up all over my pinterest feed in these popular e-cards:

You Can’t Buy Happiness

What do you think? What popular notion do you think the world has wrong?

money does not buy happiness


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