Post #25

Can I just say that July has been a really challenging, up-and-down, cant-catch-my-breath kind of month? I know I don’t have much to complain about in the ways of being busy, since I don’t have any children yet, but it feels like it has been insane! Lets recap:

First week of July: worked the first three days, drove 10 hours to PA and NY, helped get ready for Joy’s wedding for 3 days straight, participated in the joyous wedding and then drove 10 hours back to Ohio to start work again the next morning

Second week of July: tried to get back into the swing of work, came down with some sickies, tried to start re-training for my marathon, since I felt like I lost it all during the wedding festivities. Headed to a family reunion that weekend, also found out about the passing of our dear pastor.

Third week of July: Got an awful cold, still tried to keep up with marathon training, attended the visitation and funeral for our pastor (NOTHING is more draining than that), and worked a full 36 hour work week.

Fourth week of July: Things FINALLY settled down, so I focused mainly on getting caught up around the house baking bread, cleaning things, doing laundry, etc. Also finally got my running groove back. My parents visited, and the week ended with saying goodbye to them as they head back to Africa. I try not to think about it too much, but it really does make me sad. I am so happy/proud/encouraged by their ministry, but these continental goodbyes do not get any easier.

And now today is Saturday…and it is 9:41. I am still in bed. Theo came home from his 24 shift, made me breakfast in bed, and then climbed back into bed. It has been raining for a good two hours straight…but its the kind of rain that just makes me want to snuggle under the covers….which is exactly where I am! =) I am so thankful for this day off! Theo and I were going to go to head to the Ohio State Fair, but decided that its not worth the drive in the pouring rain. We will still go later in the week.

And now…for the part of this post that I have been avoiding….! Post #25: What is your favorite part of your body and why?

Welll, I guess I will have to say my hair.

When I first came into this world, I was a little baldy. Maybe that is why I appreciate my hair so much now. Haha.

Then, my hair grew in white as white could be. And I mean WHITE. Now, if I lived amongst many other Caucasians, I might have blended in a little bit better. But I lived in a small village in Africa…and my hair stood out like…well, like white hair in a sea of black hair. My hair got pulled and petted and touched ALL the time because people had never seen anything like it. And honestly, even when I was in the States, people made comments about how white my hair was!

People told me that as I grew up, my hair would get darker. But so far, it really hasn’t. Unless we count Ohio winters. But Ohio winters don’t count for anything in my book. Except misery and suffering. Anyways, back to the hair…

Yes, having blonde hair has it’s downsides, too. Like the fact that I have invisible eyebrows. Or the fact that I just could never dye my hair because whatever I did would be EXTREME. Or the fact that people make blonde jokes about/to me ALL. THE. TIME.

But I really do like my hair.

What about you? What is your favorite part of your body? Do you find that a really difficult thing to write about?

I sure did!


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