Black Belt

This morning, I had the privelage of watching my husband become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. This has been a long time in coming, and Theo certainly deserved it. But let me back up.

Theo started doing tkd with his Dad when he was in high school. It quickly became a hobby and skill that he loved and committed to. When he came to Cedarville, he stopped for a while, mainly because the best place to take it was thirty minutes away. His junior year, however, he decided that it would be worth it to make the commute in order to continue to be involved.

Sooo, Theo joined Dayton MMAs tkd class, and has been a part of it ever since. A couple of months before we were married, Theo was offered the position to instruct the tkd classes. He gladly accepted and has been teaching 5 classes twice a week for about a year now.

When we first met, I thought that martial arts was simply a hobby. I thought it was just a time of exercise, and maybe even making some new friends. One time I even asked Theo what the difference between Tae Kwon Do and Jui Jitsu is.

Boy, I have learned a lot.

I have learned that martial arts is a language that is spoken all over the world.

I have learned that martial arts is about discipline, control and self-defense (although that last one does depend on the style of martial arts).

I have learned that martial arts is a ministry, a relationship builder as well as a hobby.

I have learned that getting to a black belt takes a lot of time, effort, practice, discipline and many years of hard work.

I have learned that martial arts will probably always be a part of our lives- it is a BIG deal in our household!

I have learned that Theo is an excellent teacher, an excellent student, and an excellent martial artist.

I am so proud of Theo and his accomplishment in all the years leading up to today, in today, and in all the years that are still to come!

Congrats, Black Belt Theo Hines!

The judges… (yes, those are our dining room chairs…)

Theo performing his katas and special moves…

The whole test was brutal both physically and mentally. After performing each thing, the judges would critique him, and ask him to re-do it if something didn’t match their expectations. They also questions him frequently WHY he did something, and in what situation he would use it, etc, etc.

At the end, the judges went to go deliberate, and Theo had to stand in the middle of the mat for a good ten minutes.

Finally, the judges came back and announced that they all agreed Theo deserved his black belt. It was noted, however, that is is only the beginning of the journey.

Then, Theo had to break something. In his case, two slabs of cement…with his heel.

Alex, his instructor, ripped off his brown belt, and then replaced it with his black (funny story about this particular black belt will be told at a later time)


Afterwards, of course was the photo ops!

I think some crazy kids got a hold of my camera…

The panel of judges with Theo


The cement that he broke through with his heel…TWO of these at once!

Me with my handsome black belted husband!

Theo’s Dad, who is also a black belt, drove down from Michigan to be on the panel of judges!

Theo, his Dad, and his first instructor, who also drove all the way from Michigan to be on the panel.

Theo and one of his students. Many of his students and their families came to watch!

Theo’s family that came to watch/cheer him on!


One thought on “Black Belt

  1. Beth B. says:

    Love what you said about learning that it’s a relationship builder too. Cool to see how those who instructed Theo were willing to come so far to be a part of judging him – illustrates the relationship building aspect too. Congrats to Theo for all the hard work!

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