I live a privelaged life.

I don’t deserve it.

There is absolutely no doubt about that.

Let me just share this story because I am bursting with excitement.

Theo and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary back in May. In May we also had my graduation, a move, my birthday, a month of vacation and some traveling. We decided to not make a big deal for our anniversary at the time, since we we so rested and had already spent a lot of money. Theo mentioned that he would plan something for us later in the summer when I was more exhausted from work and we were more in need of a break.

On Monday I got home from work and told Theo that I needed to go to the library, drop off some other things and get some groceries. Theo said that was fine, but was acting a little strange. After a couple of minutes, he pulled out a letter and handed it to me. The letter was written on one of his work forms, an incident report. Theo’s work is helping with ‘incidences’ so he is a pro at it. It was really cute how he did it.

It was so sweet and it told me to put on some comfy clothes and get in the car.

So I did.

He drove me to a nearby town, Yellow Springs. This town is awesome. Like, really awesome. We call it hippie town because everyone that lives there seems like a hippie. They wrap their trees with sayings about protecting the earth and loving the trees and being one with nature. They have a bunch of shops that are all homemade, handmade things. They also have yoga studios, restaurants, street fairs, natural foods stores and all that type of jazz. All in 1.7 square miles. Yellow Springs is the perfect people watching town.

Yellow Springs also has this adorable Bed and Breakfast. It is called Jailhouse Suites because it used to be the Yellow Springs jailhouse.

We only spent one night there, but since we already live so close, we were able to maximize our time. Just having air conditioning and T.V is a treat, so this was AMAZING for me.

Theo also talked to my boss at work, and surprised me with the day off work. This is no small feat when working at a child care center. We don’t get any days off, and if we miss a day, we have to have plans made up that lead a sub through every moment of the day. Since we had a whole day before us, we decided to walk around Yellow Springs and get some dinner. 

These are pipes. The whole store was bongs and pipes and incense and who really knows what else. 

After dinner we just went back to the room and relaxed…it was WONDERFUL. Later, we walked down the street and got some ice cream, but I forgot to take my camera.

We SLEPT IN (!!!) and then I spoiled myself with the Keurig in the room. Theo treated us to Bob Evans for brunch, and then took me to some antique malls in the area.

We also realized that it was the two year anniversary of when Theo proposed to me! Happy 2nd Birthday to my ring! I still love it as much as the day I got it! And don’t even get me started about the man that gave it to me… 😉

After antiquing it up, we headed back home and played some games, watched a movie and ordered pizza.

It was a wonderful celebration of our anniversary.

I am so blessed by Theo and the way that he actively cherishes me, both in the special days and in the day-to-day as well.


2 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Mom says:

    It sounds like fun. I wonder if those pipes are actually for tobacco? 😉 I also like the red set of pyrex bowls.

  2. Yacouba says:

    Mom is right … tobacco pipes are made of wood or meeschaum or corn cobs so they can “breathe” … Just saying 🙂

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