I took the day off work.

It really was a brilliant idea.

You know those weekends that you travel? Yeah, the ones where you leave in a hurry right after work on Thursday or Friday, leaving a trail of clothing, suitcase residue, dishes, and unswept floors, rushing off into a great adventure of a weekend. The kind of weekend with just enough time to hang out with family/friends, get some extra sleep, stay up extra late, spend time outside, eat way too much food, have some great conversations, and enjoy yourself greatly.

Only to end that weekend feeling exhausted from how incredibly wonderful the time was, and then spend 7 hours in the car, only to return home to that floor strewn with things left out in a hurry, with dishes unwashed, an empty fridge, and a mountain of laundry from the trip to add to the already large mountain of laundry in the closet.

So I took the day off work today! It worked wonders to solve that problem of the ‘vacation crash’. I still woke up early, and have stayed busy ALL day with dishes, cleaning, unpacking, grocery shopping, two loads of laundry, lunch and dinner and cookies, a little bit of relaxing, garage sale prep and even some lesson planning. Phew, I am SO GLAD I took the day off work! Now I’m feeling rested from the weekend, recovered from the mess and ready to go to work tomorrow!

I took a ton of pictures this past weekend at the family reunion that I will be sharing in a future post. For now, I really want to knock out one more blog on the 30 post challenge. I can’t believe how long this has taken me to finish!

I have avoided the next post, because I am really not sure how/what to write about. It seems like such a simple question, but to me it really has some spiritual significance.

What are your hopes and dreams for your prosperity?

The 30 questions were originally written by Jenn over at Baby Making Machine, and although some of our beliefs match up, not all of them do. So this question has raised a lot more questions for me that I am not sure I am ready to answer without sufficient research. You see, the Biblical mindset of prosperity is different from the earthly mindset of prosperity. Wickipedia defines prosperity as

the state of thriving, flourishing, good fortune and/or successful social status

As a Christian, I do not believe that following God always means earthly prosperity. Eternal prosperity, yes. Earthly prosperity, not necessarily. It’s long and complicated, and I’m not even fully sure that I can write with assurance on this issue. Theologians, pastors and many followers of Christ have been debating this for a long time, and at the moment I don’t feel prepared to jump into that debate.

But, anyways…let me attempt to answer this question with my beliefs intact. Ten things that I wish for my prosperity…

1. That I would always pursue righteousness and love (Prov 21:21)

2. A career that I not only perform, but love, and that through this I can bring glory to God

3. A marriage that reflects and brings glory to Christ and honors Theo.

4. Children who follow God wholeheartedly

5. A heart that is quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry

6. That I will be a disciple of Christ, but also that I will disciple others in this life

7. That I would learn to give thanks in all circumstances, to see the things that I am prospering in, and not always look towards wealth of the world to satisfy these things.

8. One other thing that would be really awesome would be to live a self-sustaining life (not have to work a “day job”) so we could move to Africa without any hindrance in the money situation.

Well, that was only 8. But I really struggled to write this one. I honestly needed to write it out more for myself than any readers. So if you want to skip one of my posts, please skip this one. Also, feel free to comment and give me feedback. As I write this, I realize I don’t fully grasp what I believe about prosperity, or where I am in living the Spirit-filled life. Everything that I just listed as a goal for my own prosperity (happiness), I realized I have not even begun to accomplish.

And that is my thoughts for the day.

I’ll post some pictures from my weekend sometime soon!

P.S. Does prosperity = happiness?

What do you think?




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