Hines Family Reunion

Have I ever mentioned on here that Theo has a really big family?

Well, he does. 6 brothers, to be exact. And 3 sisters-in-law and one girlfriend-in-law. Plus his wonderful parents.

Add 7 adorable, rambunctious, wonderful, cute and life-of-the-party nieces and nephews.

Add to that his aunt and uncle, who have 10 children. Yeah, I didn’t add an extra zero to the end of that.

Plus another uncle.

Phew, that is a lot of people.

I’ll let the pictures tell about the weekend more than the words, but it was a WONDERFUL weekend.

We played games, talked, went out on the jetski/boat, did a little shopping, bike riding, soccer playing, golf carting, rocket shooting, and a TON of eating. Isn’t family wonderful?

Theo and I slept out in a camper, since we are the only married couple without any kids to cart around. (and, yes…..we took Moose. But that was a kinda secret until just now when my mother-in-law read this =) )

Moose did great in the car. He just laid down in the back and slept. Considering it was a 7 hour drive, I was pretty impressed. Yes, I took this picture while “driving”. But the traffic was at a standstill and the car was in park. So I wasn’t actually driving.

Watermelon seed rind spitting contest…

Theo measuring the wind…

The winners…

Us at our camper…

Some baby love…

By the lake…

Uncle Jack found this ginormous guy…

Eating, eating, eating!

More baby love..



Yes, this is a photo of my brother in law throwing a shooting rocket…


We had the first annual Hines Reunion Talent Show..

And a beautiful sunset (and fireworks!) to end the weekend together…

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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