Post #29: Hopes and Dreams

I can’t believe I have finally arrived at post #29. Just one more to go, and then we will resume regular programming on the blog. Which probably just means less frequent updates, haha.

Post #29 is to:

List 10 Things You Would Hope to be Remembered For

1. A helper. I want to be remembered for helping people. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually. I hope that when I die, I am not remembered because of me, but because of what I did for others.

2. Love of Life. I want to be remembered for loving life, and helping others around me love life as well!

3. My writing. I’d love to be remembered through my writing….both the journals and the blog that I have kept, but also the letters and notes I have written.

4. Laughter. I’d like to be remembered for laughter.

5. A gentle, loving, patient and kind mother and grandmother

6. Honesty. I’d rather be that friend that calls you out on something, than having a conversation two years down the road and just wishing, wishing, wishing, I had opened my mouth and said SOMETHING, even if it didn’t seem like the right time and place. (Of course, this principle must also be operated with discernment and not an ARROGANT airing of opinions in all situations.)

7. A faithful, caring, loving and serving wife.

8. For not being known/memorable. In the past two years, I have attended two funerals for people who were not “memorable”. One, for my grandpa, the other for Pastor Rick. At both funerals, I heard powerful testimonies of things these men had done….and I had NO CLUE. This is one thing I want to be remembered for. I guess a better way to put it would be “a behind the scenes server”

9. Being energetic. You know those people who just seem to spin around like a tornado, and get everything done and seem so happy doing it? I’d love to be like that.

10. A good and faithful servant of the Lord.

Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant Plaque


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