Garage Sale 101

This past weekend, Theo and I attempted our first garage sale.

No matter what your mind tells you, having a garage sale is not easy. But it can be a whole lot of fun.

If you are wanting to have a garage sale, here are a couple things that I learned:

  •  Prepare ahead of time. At least a week beforehand, you should have everything priced and ready to go outside. Plan on where you will set up, and what you are willing to negotiate on or not. Pricing things takes FOREVER but it makes it so worth it during the actual garage sale. There are two general guidelines that I found helpful when pricing items:

1. Do you want to get rid of it or make money? 

If you just want to get rid of it, price it cheap. It’s a yard sale, after all. If you want to make money, put it a little higher…but again, it’s a yard sale.

2. How much would I pay for this item at a garage sale?

Keeping this in mind helped me price some things a little higher in some instances and a little lower in others..

  • Go at it with someone else.

At one point, I had posted something on facebook about pricing things for a garage sale. A friend from church messaged me and asked if she could throw some stuff in the sale, too. Of course I said yes! And it worked out awesome. First off, we had stuff from completely different stages of life. She was selling mostly kids toys, and I was selling mostly household items and clothes. People would stop for the toys but look at the kitchen stuff, and vice versa. They might not have stopped in the first place if this was not the case! It was also really helpful to have someone else to do it with to manage schedules. I still had to work Thursday and Friday, so Kelly was able to man the yard sale while I was at work. Then when I got home, she could head home to take care of her kids. It was really helpful to have two ‘families’ in on it!

  • Keep track.

Since we had two people selling things, we knew we needed to keep track. We just collected all the money together, but wrote down everything that was bought, who the seller was, and how much was paid for it. That way we could look back and see what was bought and we could split the money at the end in the right way. It wasn’t too hard, and it made it so much easier in the long run.

  • Have fun, and don’t expect a lot

Honestly, having a garage sale was just fun. We got rid of some stuff, we made some money (a whopping $82), and we were able to socialize with some people in some beautiful weather. I was surprised that more people didn’t stop, as we are on a pretty main road. $82 doesn’t sound like much, but its more than I would have made from just sitting around on any given Saturday, so I’ll take what I get. If you are having a yard sale, just don’t expect to get too much.

What about you? What did you learn from having a yard sale? If I do another yard sale will you add some stuff and sell with me?


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