Phone Pictures!

Yesterday, I posted something on facebook about my “dumb” phone and how I couldn’t get the pictures off it (that actually wasn’t the point of the post, believe it or not), and some friend offered some ideas of how to get the pictures off the phone! So today, I have some ancient pictures from my phone to share! Be warned: Most of them are of Moose. But, hey, we haven’t had any posts solely about Moose in a long time, so thats ok, right? Righttt????

The first few photos are before we were married, and therefore are just pictures of Theo and I. Ha!

This was a really windy day, so we took the rollerblades out and tried to make a sail. haha!

Theo even took a phone picture on our wedding day. Just one, but hey…

And now for Moose…

Moose is inside there…

Ready to attack!

Devil cat!

Theo sent me this picture with the title of… “Look what I bought for Moose today!”

Theo’s tattoo: “Magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt his name together” is the verse in our wedding bands.

Devotions and cat cuddles.

Happy Birthday to Moose!

When we are apart, Theo and I will send each other pictures of what we are doing. Here is Theo sitting in a hospital waiting for a patient/paperwork.

Moose actually sleeps like this all the time:

Here is Moose ready to pounce again!

He’s getting tired and fat in his old age. He actually isn’t that miserable, he was just in the middle of a bath, hence the strange position and the annoyed look.

Wet Moose!

Theo and some of his students:

Moose enjoying the great outdoors:

Moving. We moved everything we own in this car. Well, it took a couple of trips, but still!

The lazy fatso taking a nap:

Christmas, I think…

And my absolute favorite picture of Moose:

Hope you enjoyed looking at those pictures as much as I enjoyed figuring out that I can share them! Thanks, facebook friends for helping this technologically challenged girl!


One thought on “Phone Pictures!

  1. Mom says:

    Great to find them after all these months. I enjoyed all of them!

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