Just so you know…

Just so you all know…I’m still alive.

This week has been insane and it’s only Wednesday.

Actually, Theo and I had a really relaxing weekend. We bummed around all morning on Saturday, which is such a fantastic thing to do. Then, we geared up and went to a nearby sunflower field to take some pictures with the gorgeous blooms. Only, the flowers weren’t in bloom yet =(. But on our way to the sunflower field, we saw a street fair in Yellow Springs, so we stopped by. For those of you who don’t know, Yellow Springs is a hippie town. And the most fantastic place for street fairs. This fair was all about DIY things– so all the vendors just crafted stuff and then sold it at the fair. It was brilliant. And the weather was glorious.


On Saturday afternoon, after much pleading and begging, I agreed to get a puppy. Theo found one that was sold on Craigslist *yes, I know all about the terrors of Craigslist…trust me* and went to pick it up! A few hours later, he was home with a beautiful blue-eyed husky 10 week old puppy! I have NEVER been a dog person, but this one is growing on me. He is playful and full of energy, but so far hasn’t destroyed anything in the house. I have cleaned up un-countable puddles of pee, though. Potty training a dog is a lot harder than potty training a cat. He is getting MUCH better, though. So, our family count is now up to 4: two humans, two animals; one girl, three boys. Oh Lord help me!

Sunday was also a relaxing day, although church sometimes just wipes me out. I teach Sunday school, and often go straight to nursery. This Sunday, I was able to be in the service, so that was a blessing.

Enter Monday, Tuesday. These days have been great, as Theo has been home. This morning he left at 5 am to head to work. He works straight until Friday morning at 7, then the hour and a half drive home. By the time he gets home, I will be gone for work, and by the time I get home from work he is off teaching tae-kwon-do. So I won’t see him until Friday night around 8 when he gets home from TKD. Crazy, huh? I’m actually most nervous of just dealing with the puppy while Theo is gone. Since I’m not a dog person, I have always been just a little scared terrified of dogs. This does not help in training a whiny puppy, so I am practicing being firm and having the upper hand with this little one. Not that I am being mean…not at all. Just training him.

Work is going well, although this week I picked up 18 extra hours, adding just a little a lot of stress to my week. I enjoy teaching and loooooove the kiddos, but a 10+ hour work day working with 18 6-year olds is a lot. And mind you…that does not include a lunch break or bathroom break. That is just 10 hours. Straight.

In just 4 days we are running our first marathon! I am so nervous I just want to get it over with. I want to be at the finish line feeling AWESOME that I finished. But that means that I have to run the whole 26.2 miles. One nice thing about the marathon being so soon is that our runs this week are SO SHORT. We only had to run 3 miles yesterday and 2 miles tomorrow. 3 miles? Right now, that is like NOTHING. And if you had asked me 3 months ago to run 3 miles I would have struggled with it. And the weather is starting to be gorgeous for running.


Well, I guess that is all for now! If you think about it, please pray for me in these next couple days. Also, if you think about it on Saturday morning, do a silent cheer in your head for us as we run! We hope to finish in 4 hrs 30 minutes and cross that finish line around noon!

With love from our little family…

tsmhhines (theo, suzanne, moose, hansi hines)

P.S. A note about Craiglist. A couple weeks ago, we got an iPhone 4 off Craiglist, but the people weren’t entirely honest. Apparently it is listed as a stolen or lost phone, so I can’t get it activated to work as a phone. This made me really upset, but you get what you get. At least I can still download apps and use it wherever I have wifi- which includes home and work, so I’m mostly covered. I just felt reallllyyyy frustrated that that had to happen.

But the dog kinda redeemed Craiglist for me, because he’s gorgeous, right???


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