Sunflower Fields

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sunflowers.

They were the flower that I used in my wedding.

They have also been my favorite flower.

During my four years at Cedarville, I would always see pictures of people at this gorgeous sunflower field. Finally, I figured out where it was. Theo and I loaded up and drove to the sunflower field last fall…only to find that we had missed them. Sunflowers are only in bloom for about two weeks at a time, so we had missed our window.

This year I was determined to see the sunflower fields and take some pictures there. We went twice and the fields weren’t in bloom. Finally, the third time was the charm! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Let’s just say they were literally breathtaking.

(Also, don’t mind the squinty eyes in all of the pictures. The sun was just a little bit bright)


Couple observations:

– Go at sunset, or a time when the sun is not glaringly bright. It’s still BEAUTIFUL, but not perfect for pictures.

– Do not go if you are allergic to bees. I was too scared to even go in the field because there was probably millions of bees. And you can’t really blame them, can you? That must have been heaven for the bees!

– Don’t miss it! The place we went was literally right by the road and FREE. But like I said before…there is only a two week window for these babies! DO. NOT. MISS. IT!


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