I’m linking up with a bunch of other bloggers for the month of October. 31 Days.

Instead of trying to post every single day, I thought I would bring you my 31 days on a weekly basis.

And I picked…FOOD! I know a couple other bloggers who are doing this, and I decided that food would be easy. I mean, I eat every day, right?

A couple things:

1. I do plan our menu…often months in advance. I didn’t plan anything special for October, this is just what happened to be on my calendar. If you think it looks fancy, or doesn’t look fancy…whatevs! This is how we eat.

2. I have been doing this for 10 days now, and there is nothing more humbling than sharing a part of life on social media. Before I post a picture of my dinner on Instagram, I think “Are the health nuts going to judge me?” “Are the Moms out there going to comment and make sure I get it together before I have kids?” “Do I need to start eating healthier?”. It has honestly been eye-opening, and humbling.

3. Almost everything we eat is home-made, mostly from scratch. I make our bread, I make our cookies using flour and sugar and chocolate chips, not a mix. I have never in my life eaten a frozen dinner (unless hot pockets count…and I haven’t had one of those since high school!). In that sense, we eat really healthy. But in other senses, I have a hard time. I know that I don’t eat as much fruit and veggies as I should. I know that I need to be balancing out all the starches that I take in (pasta and rice are eaten almost every day round these parts!). And I’m working on it. I’m learning and trying to change the way that we eat, so that we can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4. Theo and I STRUGGLE with eating at that table. It’s our bad habit to just put our food in a bowl and eat it on the couch or snuggled up in bed while watching a movie. This is a bad habit that we desperately want to change, especially after kids come. We try to eat all meals possible at the table, and do our couples devotions immediately after eating. But it doesn’t always happen.

5. Theo and I have a fairly active lifestyle, and we do consume a lot of calories. Don’t worry, we burn them all off, though!

Anyways, on to the food!

31 days of dinner, Week 1

Day 1: Pizza Casserole

Theo loved it, I didn’t care for it at all. It was one of those recipes from a church cookbook, that we have decided we either love or hate. This one just didn’t quite make the cut.

Day 2: Shrimp Creole on Rice

This one was delish!!! I love shrimp, but rarely get it. This recipe was certainly a do-again. And notice the broccoli on the side? Check for veggies! And the ever-present garlic salt. It’s a Hines thing.

Day 3: Popcorn

Yep, you read that right. Popcorn. Theo works overnight shifts twice a week, and its really hard for me to cook for myself on those nights. I usually make more effort than this, but I also had to take the dog to dog-training class. Add that to getting off work late, and I didn’t have any time to make dinner before doggy class. After doggy class I was a complete mess because I was so frustrated and annoyed with the stupid dog for peeing and pooping everywhere. Therefore, I had popcorn for dinner.

Day 4: Chicken Enchilada and Potluck

We had a bridal shower for some friends. The main course was Chicken Enchilada’s with veggies- and they were deliciousness! I had some fruit, some salad and Spanish rice on the side.

Day 5: Hot Dog Cookout

We had a DC reunion (post coming soon!), and it was a cookout. I had a hot dog loaded with cheese, fruit, veggies, Doritos and an M&M cookie (ok, maybe I had more than one of those…).

Day 6: Tortilla Pizza and Cantaloupe

This is one of the easiest meals to make. Tortilla. Pizza Sauce. Pepperoni. Cheese. Veggies. Heat in skillet. The end.

And of course…a cantaloupe. I eat these things like there is no tomorrow.

Day 7: Chicken Rice Casserole

It doesn’t look like much, but it was simple and very good! Also, veggies for the win. Like I said, we are still working on the whole fruits and veggies thing. And notice the garlic salt. I think it should become a “where’s waldo?” type thing in my 31 days of dinner pictures. Can you spot the garlic salt?


And as a bonus: my favorite lunch/snack:

Chips with cheese melted on top and homemade salsa. Don’t forget the orange and water. This is just what I need to fuel up after a run and before I head to work!


P.S. If you would like any of these recipes- feel free to comment! I will email those to you, or post them on here if I have a bunch of request!


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