Bloggin’ (and Family Devotions)

Since I don’t have a shcedule of what to blog when, I often feel like I don’t have anything to blog about.

Or, I guess, to be honest…I feel like I don’t have anything GREAT to blog about.

Let’s be real. I want each post to be a big hit. I want people to think about what I write, maybe even share it.

But that’s not what this blog is for. This blog is for me. To write. To share. To be in contact with people. To look back on and remember.

And then every time I sit down and write a post, my mind explodes with other ideas of things to write about! Don’t you just love how that works???

So today I have a short post, and it’s nothing serious at all.

It’s actually a (kinda) funny story.

Someone gave us this book as a wedding present. I honestly can’t remember who it was, but THANK YOU whoever it was!

It has a daily devotional for couples. It has a short story/devotional, and then several questions to ask and discuss with your spouse. We have had some great conversations that have sparked from some of the questions for the day.

We usually try to do our devotional right after we have finished eating dinner, before the evening slips away in work or relaxation.

One time, we opened up to devotional to read the story for the day. The moral of the story was about sacrificing yourself for love’s sake, and the story was very literal- a very literal sacrifice.

The story went something like this:

One day a pilot was performing in an airshow over Wright Patterson Air Force base, doing fly-overs over Fairborn, OH. (Insert: This is EXACTLY where we live. EXACTLY.) Suddenly, he had engine trouble and knew that he was going down. Falling down quickly towards the houses in Fairborn, he knew that he was not going to make it. So he did all that he could to crash the plane into a field instead of the houses and innocent people residing in Fairborn.

Ok, clearly, the story was way more well-written than that, but that is literally all I remember from that story.

By the time I had finished reading the devotional for that day, my eyes were buggy and I was near tears/laughter/those odd moments when you should cry but the laughter wants to come out instead.

You see, this is EXACTLY where we live. People from the air force do fly-overs about once a day. Literally right above our house. We live less than a mile from the runway, which means that they are full-out landing when they fly over our house.

Isn’t that hilarious that the random book that someone gave us for our wedding, has a story in it that takes place in our location about something that could literally happen any day of the week?

On our marathon medals, there is a picture of one of the planes that flies over on almost a daily basis. So whenever I see a plane fly over, I think about this story.

And whenever I see this book, the first story that I think of?

You bet.

It’s that one.




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