31 days of dinner, week 2

Yeah, yeah, I know…its already through the 3rd week of October and I’m only just now posting the second week of dinners? Psssh.

Oh well.

Here goes.

On this related note…Can someone PLEASE teach me how to eat more healthy? I feel like I do such a good job cooking from scratch, but I don’t feel like I do a great job incorporating the right balance of fruits, veggies, meats and carbs. Its so simple, yet seems so complex… Does anybody know of a book that I can read to get me on the right track?

Anyways, here goes week 2 of 31 days of dinner:

Day 8: Stew and Dumplings

This was mighty delicious, I must say. Although it called for a biscuit mix, which was annoying because I don’t have any biscuit mixes on hand. Theo ended up looking up one and making it for me =) Isn’t he a dear?

Day 9: Welp, I’m looking through my pictures and I have NO. CLUE. what we ate that night. Whoopsies.

Day 10: Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

This is a go-to meal, and for sure one of my favorites. It is so EASY to make, it tastes so good as well!

Day 11: Couscous and Hamburger/Bean Medley

I think this one looks gross to the max, but it was actually really good. It was also really simple, mainly because I switched out rice for couscous. Couscous is my go-to when I want a fast dinner that is homemade and will really fill me up. It takes about 10 minutes to make couscous, no matter how many people you are intending on serving. It also tastes good with almost any sauce or topper- from just butter and salt/pepper, to a vegetable medley, to a hamburger/bean medley, to a tomato sauce…it all tastes good!

Day 12: Little Ceasers

This was a Saturday, and I spent the morning at a class, the afternoon at a street fair and the evening at a play. In between all those things, I did not have enough time to make dinner, so Theo graciously offered to get some pizza. However, he insists on Little Ceasers pizza, and will have it no other way. I really am not picky about my pizza, so when $5 will feed both of us, I will take it!

Day 13: Chips and Salsa, Beef Stew and Blueberry Birthday Muffins!

Sunday we celebrated our nieces birthday! She turned one! We had beef stew, chips and salsa and then blueberry muffins for dessert/birthday cake!

Day 14: Chicken and Pineapple Shiskabobs, Sweet Potato Biscuits and Peas with good friends

Krista spoiled us hardcore by making this wonderful dinner for us. It had so many different parts that all blended so well together. Not to mention the fellowship!


So there you have it…31 days of dinner, week 2. If you want any of the recipes, feel free to comment or facebook me, and I will send those your way!




One thought on “31 days of dinner, week 2

  1. Linda Watt says:

    Sweet potato biscuits? What are those? What kind of stew did you make dumpling with? I make chicken and dumplings but not beef. Have you ever made gnocci. It is really easy to make with left over potatoes. Trader Joes and Aldis both have some that are really good too!

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