Thrift Furniture

As most of you may know, Theo is a Hines. I’m also a Hines, but the Hines blood hasn’t started flowing through me so thickly. Although less than two years in, I’m starting to put garlic salt on everything.

Another thing that the Hines men are known for is frugality. Thankfully, this hasn’t been too much of an issue for us as I also grew up in a family that valued being frugal and wise with any finances that we were given.

One way that you can see this marriage of frugality is in our furniture and household items. Theo and I were sitting at our dining room table the other day, and we were talking about how many household items we have that are second hand (Goodwill, trash/dumpster diving, Craigslist, inherited). We looked in each room and found that almost all of our furniture is second hand.

So this morning, Theo and I did a walk-through of our house to take a picture of each room, and I thought I would share it on the blog. No, not everything matches (although I did my best). Yes, everything has been hardcore cleaned, we are not living IN trash just because we have decided to USE “trash”. We have probably spent about $250 furnishing our entire house.

(*sidenote*: I cleaned the house a little bit before I took these pictures, but mostly…this is real life!)

Take a look….

The Kitchen

The only item that we needed to buy for our kitchen was the fridge. We found it on Craigslist for $35. Yes, it is as massive as it looks in this picture. HUGE. Theo hauled that thing in here all my himself. And this was one of those things that REALLY needed to be cleaned. But clean it we did…and voila! A perfectly good, cheap fridge! And we have a dish washer, but it doesn’t work. So my dish washer is cupboard space. =)

The Dining Room

Eeeek! Check out my chalkboard and the picture wall on the back of my cupboard! I am quickly coming to LOVE my dining room because of all these homey (and cheap!) touches!!

Soooo I think that everything you see in this picture is second-hand.

Table- garage sale

Chairs (set of 5)- the trash

Black shelf- trash

Microwave- trash (it works, but it also is slightly possessed. Sometimes it will randomly turn on and start microwaving, even if no one is near it. Sometimes it also just starts BEEPING REALLY REALLY loud. But it works)

Microwave cart- garage sale

(Not pictured- a dog crate from Craigslist, a dog from Craiglist)

The Living Room

Ok, so this room is a little bit of cheating because most of the stuff in it is not actually ours. The two couches and the lamp belong to Theo’s brother, but hey- it counts, right? We are using them borrowed =). The shelf on the far left and the end tables by the couch are not second-hand, we bought those brand-spanking new. We inherited the curtains with the house. The blue chair was from the trash, as well as the window shutters. The coffee table and lamps were from a garage sale, and Theo made the Africa thing on the wall.

The Bedroom

Just like in the living room, some of these things are kinda cheating. The bed, the dresser, the chair and one end table belong to Theo’s brother, but we are using them for the now. The other end table is from the trash, and the white shelf was inherited from my parents.

Guest Bedroom

All this bedroom has in it is a closet full of storage items, a bed (that belongs to Theo’s brother), and a dresser that we found in the trash (SCORE!)

Office Room

Otherwise known as open-the-door-throw-everything-in-and-shut-the-door-as-fast-as-possible room. To be fair, I do use this room often for my projects, school crafts and other creations, but that just adds to the messiness!

The desk was found in the trash, as well as the chair. The white shelf was also found in the trash. We actually bought the black sewing table (from Ikea). The file cabinet was given to us when someone moved away. Not pictured is a large hutch/dresser than belongs to Theo’s brother, and two of those white plastic drawer things- both found in the trash at Cedarville.

Well, now that you can see how thrifty we are, you can also see how messy some most of our house is!

I think I need to go and clean after seeing all these pictures!!

What do you save money on? Leave a comment and let me know!


3 thoughts on “Thrift Furniture

  1. Anna says:

    Very nice, Suzanne! When did you move to a new place? Theo’s brother is generous in loaning things out!

    We’ve also spent little money on furniture for our house. I was thinking about it the other day, and realizing just how blessed we have been by family and church friends, as most of our stuff has been passed on to us from others who didn’t need it. In the kids’ room, the crib, dresser, glider rocking chair, and book shelf are hand-me-downs, and the pack-n-play was a gift from Noah’s co-workers. In the hall way we have a book case that was passed on to us. In our room, we have a dresser I got second hand for $20, and we’re using a borrowed mattress. In the living room we have a couch, baby swing, recliner chair, and desk with a chair, all hand-me-downs from friends. And there’s also a bookcase I made using about $80 of wood and supplies. In the kitchen we have a buffet my parents got us as a wedding present and a table and chairs that are hand-me-downs. Yeah, a lot of them aren’t the things that I would have picked out, but it’s wonderful to not spend much on furniture. And when we move, we can pass them on to someone else.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Most of our home is from thrifting too! It really save a lot of money if you’re willing to have not top of the line items. Keep up the great work and the great savings!

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