5 Things on Sunday

Well, I just have a random list of five things that have been happening lately. Theo has worked 36 hours this weekend, so I kissed him goodbye on Saturday morning at 5 am, and I am eagerly looking forward to tonight around 8 pm when he will finally get home!

1. Fall walks with Hansi. I’ve never been a walker. If I’m gonna go out, I’d rather be running or biking or at least playing a sport. Walking has always been boring for me. But the combination of the dog and a stress fracture has led me to try some walks! So far I have taken the dog out every day this week, and it is an awesome habit to get into. The weather has also been GORGEOUS, so I can’t complain. I usually only go about a mile.

2. Theo and I have found some crazy deals the past few days! First, Theo went dumpster diving while he was at work. He found a pack and play, a high chair, a car seat and a massage seat- all in near-perfect condition. Nothing was ripped, no parts were missing, and none of the items smelled at all. Theo of course cleaned it all up, and now all of the items look brand new! This is crazy, people! Don’t throw out stuff like that!

(The high chair already got some use! It was so handy when we had Lucas over! And yes, there is just one Cinnamon roll in that pan. Hahaha!)

I went shopping yesterday to a local store called Gabriel Brothers. They are like the Aldi of household items and clothing. They get the rejects from the other store, but often the reject just means it is off the ranks. A lot of the clothes will have easily fixable rips or tiny stains that can be removed with a tide to go stick. The whole store is super cheap, but the clearance racks pull me in every time! I got three items- a nice pair of pants, a maxi dress, and a pair of running capris – all for less than $10. Two of the items still had the price tags on them, meaning they have never been worn. Brand spanking new.


3. It’s getting chilly here, people! Theo and I are holding out on the heat for as long as possible. We have only turned it on when we have guests over, or when I am all alone at home, feeling lonely and miserable, and feeling cold just doesn’t help. I currently have a space heater right next to me and I almost always have a hot mug of chai or tea with me to ward off the cold. See, here is proof (I took this picture as I am writing this post).

4. Date night!

Theo and I try very hard to continue to date each other on a regular basis. However, this usually looks like this:

Wanna go out tonight?

Yeah, sure.

Ok, it will be our date for the month.

We don’t have a lot of money to spend at restaurants or elsewhere, so that usually ends up being the spur of the moment date for the month. And while that is great, we wanted to make sure that we were doing a better job at date nights. So we pinterested and googled date night ideas, and made our own date jar. Well, we don’t have a jar yet. But we cut out strips of paper and wrote date night ideas on them. Sunday nights are our date night, and we are planning on switching weeks to plan the date. On Sunday or Monday, one of us will pick something from the jar, and be in charge of making that happen come Sunday night. Some of them are easy, at-home dates. Some are going out dates. Some are a little more expensive. Some are seasonal, and we color-coded those (green- summer, orange- fall, blue- winter). I’ve been working on our date for tonight, and I will be back to share a little more about that tomorrow, since Theo doesn’t know what we are doing yet =)

Also, many of my date ideas come straight from The Dating Divas. There is SO much on that website/blog to give some good ideas!

5. Crafting

I mentioned that Theo has been gone the WHOLE weekend. I didn’t want to just sit around and watch everyone on my Netflix feed, so I decided to cross out some of the things on my Pinterest DIY list. I was so on a roll yesterday, when I accomplished making all of these things:

– Homemade Dry Shampoo from here. SOOO easy. I had all the ingredients on hand, except for the essential oils. And that is not even entirely neccessary. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I use dry shampoo all the time. And it’s pretty pricey, so this seems like a much cheaper option.

– Homemade Shaving Cream from here. Also easy. I had everything on hand except for the baby oil. I don’t know if this would be cheaper in the long run, because it used gobs of conditioner and shampoo, which cost enough as it is. I also haven’t tried this out yet, but will let you all know if it makes a huge difference in the shaving world.

– T-shirt fringe scarf from here. Ok, so I hate how mine looks, but that is probably just because the only t-shirt I had on hand was orange and it was pretty massive. I am planning on wearing it to my cousin’s Princeton game next weekend, though, so it will come in handy for something! (I also made these shorts but cutting up a pair of dress pants that looked like bell bottoms- they fit perfectly on the top, but around the bottom I thought they were ghastly, so I never wore them. Now I will! Well, at least next Spring, I will!)

– DIY heating pads from here. This was literally the simplest thing I have ever sewed in my life. So fun, so easy, so practical. I know what everyone I know is getting for Christmas. And I clearly need more practice to perfect the look of them, but they are going to be well used, even if I can’t seem to sew or cut in a straight line!

– Maxi skirt from here. I was nervous about this one, because the lady said that it took her four hours. But I finished this in about 40 minutes. Ok, so it’s not hemmed yet (and that takes FOREVER), but it was REALLY simple. I think I bought the wrong type of cloth for it, because it is not very forgiving when I walk (kinda like when I tied my zara too tight in Niger), but I am still proud of it for my first item of clothing that I have made for myself!

Well, thats all for now! I am going to go take this pup for another walk! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “5 Things on Sunday

  1. I hope you like my dry shampoo recipe! You don’t need the essential oils, but they do make it smell nice 🙂

  2. On the skirt, you could open the sides up to make slits, then you could walk easier. But it’s super cute!

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