Date Night (2)

I told you guys we were trying to make date night more of a habit and less of a monthly dinner out.

This week it was Theo’s turn to pick, and he picked ‘bake something together’.

This one was so fun because we did not have to leave the house, we didn’t have to pay anything at all (except our grocery bill, which we already pay!), and we got to enjoy some delicious dessert! Perfect.

A couple years ago I made oreo cupcakes that Theo absolutely loved. So he went onto my Pinterest and scoured my page until he found the recipe! What a man! He had all the ingredients, and got some music playing, and all we had to do was bake together. This was so much fun, and it only took about an hour and a half. Plus, with two people in the kitchen, the cupcakes got baked, the dishes got washed, the icing got made and the mess was cleaned up! Perfect. Here are a few pictures from our baking date.

Mmm-mmmm! What a great date!


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