5 on Friday

Here I go again….linking up for another post!

Basically, I just write five things. Things on my mind, things that are happening right now, and since it happens to be Friday…it’s five on Friday!

1. Chickens. We got some chickens on Tuesday. Theo’s brother knows a lady who rotates her chicken crop every year, so these chickens happened to be free. They are all laying hens, and we are super excited for eggs. That is, if the chickens survive. So far we have two down, only four left. There is some kind of animal that gets in their coop and murders them- a bloody, gory murder. Disgusting, and so, so sad. I just want eggs for heavens sake! Theo has set himself up with his bow and arrow and is ready to catch whatever the murderous creature is…. (don’t hate).

2. Exercise- since I got a stress fracture, I haven’t been able to run. Usually this is my channel for energy and keeps me exercising. So instead of running, I have started following one of those simple workouts you can find on Pinterest. This is the one that I use:

Its really simple and not too hardcore, although by the third rep I feel like I’m dying. I have also been taking Hansi on regular walks, so that also helps.

The Simple Morning Workout | À la Corinne


3. Zucchini Pancakes and Oreo Cupcakes

For date night, Theo picked oreo cupackes. These things are absolutely delicious. Especially the cream cheese icing. It makes it less hardcore sweet, and more mildly sweet.


Yesterday, when I was at work, I was flipping through a cooking magazine and I saw a recipe for Zucchini pancakes. I jotted down the recipe and then made it for dinner when I got home. These things were so good, they are going on our regular menu. They were so simple and easy to make, and (like I already said!) tasted delicious!


Mix together 1/2 c. flour, 1/2 c. Parmesan cheese, 1/2 t dried oregano, salt and pepper to taste. Add 1and1/2 c. shredded zucchini, 1 egg (beaten), 2 T chopped onion, 2 T mayo. Melt 2 T butter in a pan and fry up the mixture! Serve with sour cream (this sounded a little weird to me, but it really did hit the spot!)

4. Christmas Cookie Exchange fiasco

I follow the blog Everyday Cheer, and they offered up a free printable set for a Christmas cookie exchange! This was so exciting to me, and I decided that I want to plan one for later in December. So I downloaded the down load and headed to Office Depot to get it printed on Cardstock. My order was *slightly* complicated, since I wanted each page to be printed a different amount of times. But I wrote it all down on a sticky note: Page 1- 20 copies; Page 2- 6 copies; Page 3- 2 copies, etc. The lady said it was no problem and proceeded to print it for me. I waited and waited and waited while the printer printed. Finally, the lady brought over this HUGE stack of papers. My heart sunk- this was gonna cost a lot more than I expected. “Ummm…I don’t think I printed that many.” I told her. “No, it’s right. Let me show you.” And as she began counting we realized that she had printed the whole 11 page document 20 times, 6 times, 2 times, etc. It was really overwhelming to me because I felt SO. BAD. about it, but it really wasn’t my fault. We got all the pages that I asked for, but I’m pretty sure about 700 pages of nice cardstock went to waste with that one.

As I was leaving, I told the lady, “Well, if you want to have a Christmas cookie exchange, you have all the paper products for it!”

She didn’t think that was very funny.

5. QuizUp. It’s an app for the smartphone, and it’s so much fun! It’s just random trivia. There are many, many categories and you can pick what you want to be quizzed on. Then you play against a real player. As you win more and more, you move up in rank. My favorites so far are geography and The Bible, mainly because I can actually get some of those answers right! You should try it- its a whole lot of fun, and it makes me feel like I am working my brain cells instead of just switching colors like in Candy Crush- ha!

And what about you on this Friday? Head on over here or here or here or here to link up with 5 on Friday!



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